Saturday, 23 April 2011

thyme butter sardines and overnight molasses bread

how is it that the sun is still shining here in england? it's so awesome!! i love that i've been able to do so much gardening at the allotment, and that i can walk the dog with blue skies. but my absolute favourite thing is that people are out and about with big smiles on their faces!

today mum and i went into town to do a little shopping and just mooch around. we picked up a super old copy of the neals yard bakery wholefood cookbook - which is plain awesome, with great recipes, and fantastic nutrition information. i'll give you a full review later, but i can't think of a better buy for £1 (and the amazon prices aren't bad either!) - it even has tips on blanching and freezing veg as well as a nutrition info for different types of seaweed. genius!

then we sat out on the cathedral green and ate a little picnic. homemade salad, a watercress scone from the market, a barbecued chicken satay from the chinese stall in the market square and a tiny tub of hunky punky chocolate booja booja stuff in a tub. oh. my. goodness. serious wow.

now onto my latest eats...

sardines in a thyme butter sauce with artichoke radish salad and broccoli

i love this way of preparing fish - just put the fish in some tin foil with a little butter, salt, pepper and herbs (fresh or dried) and perhaps a little lemon. then pop it in a hot oven for 10 -15 minutes until cooked (and the fish has lost it's translucency). this works for most types of fish and you'll get a prepared sauce with it as well as making sure it's not dry.

delicious proper pork chipolatas with mediterranean veg and sweet potato mash. we also had a friend's little boy round for dinner, and he absolutely loved his little bowl of food!

overnight molasses bread - this recipe has its origins in dana carpender's 1001 low carb recipes book, although i have adapted it to make it suitable for making without a breadmaker, and tweaked it a little ingredients-wise too. but this bread is ridiculously good, the combination of oats and molasses is stupendous! it's very difficult not to eat lots...

i hope you all have a fantastic easter, and enjoy spending time with friends and family over the weekend!

currently listening to: animal by neon trees (love this song!)

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  1. Oooooooo the molasses bread sounds and looks super tasty xx


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