Friday, 15 April 2011

spicy cayenne chicken and chocolate vanilla cookies

hope you are all looking forward to a fantastic weekend full of sunshine and good times with lovely people! this afternoon my mum and i popped out for a bottle of wine - and we came back from waitrose with a portion of hot thyme chicken and a bottle of Lindeman's Australian Shiraz Cabernet.

now, i don't profess to be a wine expert at all - although i did win our family wine choosing contest in Italy in 2009, and i have done a tour of South African vineyards! haha - but this particular red is delicious. ridiculously smooth, abounding in rich flavour and very, very drinkable. it will go perfectly with this evening's lamb and vegetable curry with red onion socca.

i never used to like wine - i always thought they all tasted the same, and i never really saw the point of drinking it. that was up until the point i tasted a good warmed wine made by my very own grandfather - it was a blackberry red, and we ate it with dinner one night at their old house in Devon. it was smooth, had no chemical after taste and was a nice accompaniment to the meal. 

since that bottle, there haven't been many great ones to compare really. many of them still have that nasty 'kick' or aftertaste which puts most people off, and yet i continue to try them. why? oh why?

well, my whole family drinks red wine at meals, not every day, but on bigger family gatherings. and also, because from time to time, in small quantities, it's been shown to actually be good for you. and when you come across a wonderful bottle like today's australian, and you have good company to drink with, it can really be quite a pleasure.

and on a less wine-y note, i'm glad you liked my coconut flour banana waffles. we'll probably be enjoying some this weekend... because well, although they sound, look and taste naughty - but they actually really aren't at all, yippee! more for me :)

spicy cayenne chicken (chicken strips dipped in seasoned flour and fried in butter and hot sauce) with mixed greens, avocado, celery and sweet pepper and a garlic and thyme yog-mayo dip. wowee!

chocolate vanilla protein cookies from the 1001 low carb recipes cookbook - i could eat these all day.

egg and vegetable scramble with avocado, cheese and dill - see my notjustapples youtube channel for a quick (yet thorough!) how to video.

currently watching: a year in provence - classic, and kinda makes me want to move to france...

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