Monday, 18 April 2011

red onion and thyme socca

socca is pretty popular on the foodie scene at the moment, thanks to the pure2raw twins and david lebovitz. and i must admit to a combination of excitement and scepticism at the prospect of the dish - after all it wasn't something my grandma would've eaten, and it's not a flavour i was used to, or ingredients i was familiar with.

anyway, the first socca i made, i did like pancakes in my frying pan, with just gram flour (chickpea flour), salt and water. hmm, well they weren't great, and the taste left something to be desired. 

my second and third attempt i fried as chickpea pancakes again, but i tried out a few different flavour combinations - herbs (fresh and dried) and spices (picante pimenton rocks!)

and then my fourth attempt i baked it (having found a suitable-ish pan). and i struck gold with a flavour combination that brought out the deep flavours of the chickpea flour:

red onion and thyme socca!

it has about 10g carbs per 1/8th - so quite a lot still, but it's low gi and great for gluten & wheat free eaters, and vegans of course!

to make this wonderful snack, side dish or appetizer...

red onion and thyme socca recipe

gently fry on a low heat 1 sliced red onion with 1 diced garlic in a little olive oil, coconut oil or butter until soft. then in a separate bowl combine well 1 cup chickpea flour, 1 cup water and a large drizzle of olive oil. season the mix with 1 tsp dried thyme and a few stalks of fresh thyme (and enjoy the smell as you do this!), salt and pepper. 

place the red onion and garlic in your chosen dish and spread around evenly. add a dash of olive oil and cover with chickpea mix. sprinkle over a little more salt if you wish. then pop it into the oven at 180c until the very centre is cooked and almost cracking (but not burnt, about 20-25mins)

♥ it goes well with cucumber and radish salad, watercress and boiled eggs for a quick lunch

or smoked peppered mackerel, roasted cauliflower  and purple sprouting on courgette herbes hash for a tasty dinner

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  1. Great recipe, I'm a huge fan of socca but I think when you just make it up plain it needs lots of flavourful toppings and what not. My favorite at the moment is adding fresh herbs or making it into a socca omelette which is very similar to what you have done here I think! Yum :-)

  2. I'm craving boiled eggs now!

    I love your photos, do you have to jump on the table to get the view you get?!

  3. Loing the socca love. I adore socca, just so versatile!


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