Monday, 11 April 2011

bacon avocado breakfast and a continental lunch

hello fantastic readers! i just want to start this post by saying a massive thank you to every single one of you for reading the blog, it's a tremendous thing to know that someone somewhere can connect with the food you love and enjoy preparing. it's also brilliant to have your support in my latest crazy adventures, whether that's writing a book, starting a yt channel or going to australia - it's sort of comforting to know you'll all be there with me... and amazing and overwhelming to hear your wise and kind words along the way. so thanks.

i'm still doing well with my new eating plan - it's hard not to when the food is so tasty and varied, and i have loads of energy and i am never hungry and my sugar levels are awesome! yip yip.

here are my latest delicioso eats:

bacon and avocado breakfast, with dill mushroom egg scramble

olives with anchovies, hummus, cucumber and tomato salad with mozzarella, sardines with olive oil and a homemade spelt and rye roll

and for dessert - greek yogurt with homemade low carb cinnamon granola (recipe to come soon!)

so, i hope you are all looking forward to an amazing easter! it's been odd this year, because usually i've been doing lots of kids work and so have been preparing for easter for ages. but instead it's just sprung upon me really quickly, and i have nothing prepared. 

the usual sweet treats are totally off limits this year, so new traditions will have to be conjured. i like bringing into place new traditions for the family - like swedish waffle day (march 25th is a wonderful day in our calendar now) or bread making on a sunday evening or pumpkin pie at thanksgiving (even though i am in no way american). 

i guess i want to know, what are your easter traditions?

we'll definitely be having a big party at church on Easter Sunday, and possibly a reflective walk on Good Friday. but, i want food to be involved, and to keep the party atmosphere going all day. i think i ought to take a leaf from the greek's books, and have a massive spit roast lamb? or, burn bonfires like the Finnish? or create an Easter tree like the Germans? or sharing boiled eggs with my relatives like in Poland?

Easter means a lot to me, and i think it warrants way more attention than any other holiday in the calendar - because i believe that (although it probably wasn't exactly this day 2000 years ago) Jesus died for me and rose from the dead, and that's something worth celebrating!

currently watching: the west wing - series 4, love, love, love it!

ps. if you want to know the secret to perfect pear and nutmeg compote - try accidentally leaving it on the hob whilst you are writing a blog post :) 


  1. I'm not a Christian but I love Easter more for its original pagan roots about celebrating fertility, the sun returning and the world being in bloom - I guess thats just more what I can connect too! We always have a big Easter sunday lunch and now that we have children in the family in the form of my two nephews we have an easter egg hunt! Of course what Easter would be complete without chocolate! Looking forward to that granola recipe!

  2. Your food always looks so delicious!

  3. In some parts of Finland they actually do burn bonfires, not in my region though. When I was a kid we used to dress up as witches and go from door to door in our neighbourhood singing. These traditions come from paganism. Nowadays I don't celebrate Easter as I'm not religious. We go out of town for a day or two and enjoy a few days off work, but that's about it.


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