Friday, 25 March 2011

new favorite foodie: jessicalettucetomato.

so, in my never ending search for delicious inspiration and new recipes, i occasionally stumble across something tasty and beautiful. so today, i present to you: jessicalettucetomato.

the photography won me over, as well as the writing and general chit chat. she's really into good, wholesome food - and every dish looks like the perfect combination of restaurant chic and homely comfort.

here's some of her tastiest looking treats:

my fave recipes (ok, it was too difficult to decide, because they are all so tasty looking!):
smoked salmon and rosti eggs benedict with habanero dill cream
chickpea and grated carrot creamy salad
fig and prosciutto salad
pork belly with red lentils, radishes and edamame
black bean and sweet potato chili

hope you love it as much as i do! and if you want to check out my current favorite foodie blog reads, see my tasty blogs reel in the right sidebar.

ps. happy swedish waffle day!

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