Thursday, 17 March 2011

jamie does: a cookbook review

some of you may have seen the jamie does series on television last year, and for those of you that missed it, check out the little extract from yt at the end of this post for a bit of a flavour of what you missed. i find other cultures so interesting, and so does jamie it would seem!

the book incorporates some amazing traditional recipes 'with a twist' from countries across the globe - including spain, italy, morocco, sweden, greece and france.

jamie does is therefore a healthy combination of recipes, using all sorts of different ingredients to create savouries and sweets, dinners and desserts. it's also a great place to turn to for ideas and inspiration when you are running low, as there are classic yet often forgotten flavour combos to find in it.

the thing that sold this book to me was the way the photographs capture the mood of each different place. they take photos of the people, the food, the markets, the plants & produce, the patterns, and of course the scenery. it's gorgeous.

as well as the wholesome sounding recipes of course:
♥ market salad with walnuts and rustic goat's cheese croutons
♥ arctic char parcels
♥ mi pescado a la sal (my fish baked in salt)
♥ m'hanncha with date sauce

each recipe is unique, and you would be hard pressed to find such a great, easy-to-cook compilation of european and north african recipes anywhere else! he also talks you through the flavours and ingredients of each country, and what you'd expect to find on their menus - very interesting and helpful if you ever go to that country...

and lastly, when i've actually cooked with these recipes, the results are always awesome and packed full of flavour. i've cooked the creamy mushrooms, crunchy swedish salad and a whole host of the swedish dishes for my foodbuzz party.

here's just a little preview of the series from the Jamie Oliver YT channel:

do check out my new food and travel page to see photos from all the places i've travelled over the course of this blog. i hope the list can keep growing...

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