Wednesday, 23 March 2011

cinnamon peanut butter and prawn gherkin salad

well, hello! i hope each and every one of you is having a fabulous day so far - and that it will be and was as filled with glorious spring sunshine as mine.

today i met up with a friend for lunch; we indulged in a Waitrose salad bar tub (i'm certain they've got much smaller) whilst looking out over a river in the sunshine. the ducks were snoozing in the heat, and i'm sure i felt my freckles start rising to the surface...

anyway, thanks for the incredible response to my post about the primal lifestyle - i am loving eating this way, as it's totally tasty and i am never hungry, and although i don't prescribe to any one particular 'diet', i find this way of eating very beneficial to my health, and so an 80/20 principle will definitely be the way forward for me; at least for now...

so here are my latest eats:

egg scramble with mushrooms, bacon and brussel sprouts and a crispbread with swedish mustard (senap) 

prawn and gherkin salad with cream cheese and sesame seeds. this week i also hosted a 'jamie at home' party, which was really fun and i was able to pick up a few new bits for the kitchen - they're brilliant, and i will show you them soon, if you would like...

cinnamon peanut butter (literally just loads of cinnamon mixed in with peanut butter!) with some sliced apple - fantastic for a snack attack

roast chicken with salad and green leaves - the rest of the family also had crusty french bread with butter (thank goodness they eat it so fast so it wasn't lingering near me...)

is there anything as wonderful or more pleasurable than a hot chicken from a deli counter? i think not. they are always so succulent and juicy and full of flavour. plus, you can eat half, salve half and use the bones for stock... multipurpose too!

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  1. I so want to make cinnamon peanut butter right now!

  2. Hot chicken is so good! Cinnamon peanut butter sounds amazing as well...I have never tried it before!

  3. Cinnamon peanut butter sounds amazing!

  4. Cinnamon and peanut butter are two of my favorite things; put them together and my head might explode!


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