Sunday, 13 March 2011

chickpea pancakes and chocolate hazelnut biscuits

there's so much to share with you today - new foods and new recipes! even if they are in a slightly random order...

so after the surprising delights of a cauliflower cheese pizza crust, i decided to get to grips with chickpea pancakes - something that's been on my 'to cook' list for a while now, ever since i saw the idea mentioned on pure2raw (they are addicted!). chickpea pancakes are a traditional food of many southern european countries, and are known as socca, farinata, cecina, karantita, fainá, or panissa. 

so, next time i saw gram flour on the supermarket shelf, i purchased a bag. then to set about finding a recipe. i didn't quite have the right sort of pan for making it in the traditional way - although a wood fire is probably the best way to enhance the simple flavour of chickpea flour. so, i stumbled across a quicker and more pancake way of cooking them:

mix 1 cup chickpea flour with 1 cup of water, 1 tsp picante pimentón (or other smoked paprika) and 1 tbsp olive oil. keep mixing until all the lumps have gone. rest for 15 minutes. pour into a non-stick pan and fry as you would a regular pancake, until crispy. enjoy!

they make great accompaniments to meaty dishes (especially chilli con carne and broccoli!) or soups or salads, or any time you want to eat something 'bread-y'. they are really satisfying and contain few carbs, no gluten, no wheat and no dairy! and i don't need to tell you just how good chickpeas are for you, right?

you can try the socca with other flavourings instead of the paprika, but this is my favourite so far, as it so compliments the taste of the gram flour. you could try rosemary, chili, cumin, etc.

and now for a little breakfast:

bacon and eggs with spinach and mustard is the perfect way to start the day in a diabetic friendly way!

and let's end with the sweet:

♥ grain free and sugar free chocolate hazelnut biscuits - these were delicious! although i will need to experiment once more with the recipe i have scribbled down before i share it with you all. i can practically hear you all holding your breath...

i've been experimenting lots with using ground nuts in baking - this would be a great way for me to keep enjoying baked goods, but without using too many carbs. you could say it all started with the 5g of carb a  slice chocolate cake with black beans in it (it still fools everyone that eats it!)

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  1. Oooooooo I'm looking forward to that biscuit recipe! x x

  2. I make low fat brownies with black beans, and no one ever knows the difference! In fact, most people tell me they are the best brownies ever!

  3. Thanks for the pancake recipe. I've just got some gram four and I actually have no idea what to do with it!

  4. That sounds really good! I love experimenting with different flours :-)


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