Thursday, 31 March 2011

cashew cream with strawberries and a quick lunch

hi everyone! hope your week is going wonderfully, and you are looking forward to the weekend already...

i'm still doing well with the low-carb/primal/raw/wholefoods 'diet/lifestyle' that i'm exploring. i went out to pizza express last night, and had one of their salads minus the breadsticks that come with it (even though the smell of them is amazing, i actually didn't want to eat them - i just saw high sugar levels and days of feeling horrible sat on the plate, perhaps that's a form of self-hypnosis?!)

here's my latest eats:

♥  yogurt and fresh mint chopped vegetable salad with mixed green leaves and chorizo, and a mug of peppermint tea!

cashew cream with fresh strawberries! this was my first time making cashew 'cream' and it was suprisingly good and i will definitely be making it more often...

cashew cream recipe:

all i did was to soak a handful of cashews in some fresh water overnight. then in the morning i rinsed them off, put them in my blender cup, topped it off with a little water (to start) and then used the hand blender to smooth it into perfection - keep going until it is thoroughly pureed with no bits. i added water as i went, and a little drop of agave and vanilla extract - until it was just the right consistency and taste i was looking for! easy peasy and delicious.

things are super duper busy in our house at the moment - i'm sorting out plans for Australia this year, as well as writing my first book!! it's a little crazy, especially with the wet weather (great for our allotment, but not so fantastic when you need to walk the dog) - and i've also just released a new series on my YT channel about my journey with acne, and how i got rid of it (yippee!!) in a natural, holistic way.

i've also been watching a lot of the renegade health show for inspiration - they have SO much information and lots of great recipes (mostly raw or vegan, or both) - so if you've never caught an episode it's worth a watch.

currently listening to: gold forever by the wanted

ps. the grain free chocolate hazelnut biscuit recipe is still being edited to perfection, so hold on tight for that one!


  1. I must make cashew sounds lovely!

  2. Your strawberries and cashew cream look delicious! I'm always jealous when I see bloggers making cashew cream. I wonder if I could make it with almonds instead?

  3. Yeyy! Another primal sister :D

    I started a primal challenge for 30 days and so far so good!

    Lovely snack I've copied off Gabriela at Une Vie Saine is dates stuffed with cashew butter, uh ohhh...


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