Monday, 21 February 2011

the tudiabetes forums

thanks to all of my new subscribers via blogger, bloglovin and other blog reader apps - i am so appreciative of your support along this journey! it's so great to hear from you all and to know that i don't have to struggle alone.

furthermore, this is just a simple post to say to all of those of you who read this blog:

if you aren't on tudiabetes yet, log on.

it's seriously such a fantastic resource, full of information for diabetics of all shapes, sizes, ages, types, interests, genders, etc. and of course for the friends and family members of diabetics, or healthcare professionals or those just wanting to understand more about diabetes.

there's no-one that wouldn't benefit from reading the forums - they discuss everything from 'state your theories for the cause of diabetes' (very interesting reading!) to 'insurance coverage of test strips' to 'controlling type 1 with the paleo diet'.

and as a member you can ask any question you like to, and get a number of responses. i recently asked a question about what to do when spending a day at the beach with an insulin pump. it was very helpful to get lots of well written advice on what other people do and how i should cope with it - practically and mentally too. 

please friend me if you are a member, and do help other people out by sharing your opinion - and remember that ALL opinions are valid, so don't shy away because you think your point of view is too generic, or too weird!

i realise most of you probably already know about this, and the community is at present over 18,000 strong. but, just in case you didn't know, well now there's another way you can learn more about diabetes...