Saturday, 5 February 2011

sea salt mask for acne

here's another thing which is cheap, easy, logical and worth trying if you suffer from acne anywhere on your body.

this was first 'discovered' when people with acne came back from a beach holiday with clearer, smoother skin. hmm, the sea salt water must be a natural exfoliating cleanser! and of course it is - it's highly anti-bacterial and exfoliating too, which helps eliminate the acne bacteria as well as leave your skin glowing.

i use a salt water rinse on my face every other evening, which seems to help reduce redness as well as making my skin a more even texture. and the areas where i had broken out are healing over quite nicely. i've been doing this for about two weeks now, and definitely notice an improvement in my skin.

for more success stories and reviews, check out: makeupalley,, healthboards, shimmer kisser, acne under control. the evidence is quite compelling in itself...

it's important to use good salt! don't go using fine table salt or anything, it needs to be good quality sea salt (i use Maldon). then all you need to do is dilute the salt in a little warm water and splash this over your face, or use as a toner with a cotton wool pad. leave it for 10-15 minutes before you apply your moisturiser. it may feel a little tingly, and be quite uncomfortable on open wounds (try to avoid this if you have sensitive skin)  but that's just it working properly.

♥ you could also try: adding a cupful of salt to your regular bath if you have body acne, making a scrub of salt mixed with honey, making a paste with a little water and using it as a spot treatment.

of course, if you have access to the actual sea itself, go swimming in that instead!