Sunday, 27 February 2011

apple milk tart and thai prawn soup

well hello everyone! thanks for the fantastic response to the article about local farming, it meant a lot to my father, and it's such an important issue - especially for those of you living in the uk. 

i've really been cracking down on my eats lately - after having read Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution book. if you are a diabetic (i'm a Type 1), or know one, then i definitely recommend getting a copy. he's such a revolutionary but sensible too. and so far his advice is working out really well for me keeping my levels straight.

his advice is basically to consume lots of protein and hardly any carbs. i'm trying it out to see how it works - whilst also throwing in what i've learnt from doc robbins, the primal/paleo diet research i've been doing and things i've found out about raw food. basically i eat a lot of salad and cooked veggies, and actually since including more meat, fish and butter my skin has got WAY better! the combination of the two works out pretty well for me - my short stint as a vegan was not successful for my diabetes, health or happiness. i've realised there isn't really a cure all, each person is different!

butter bean bake with spinach - simple but delicious and very satisfying. i've made the recipe loads of times before, it's from the tessa kiros book 'falling cloudberries'

thai prawn soup with coconut milk, peas, leeks and avocado and lots of thai paste - this is delicious, and so good for you... i sort of made this up, and can't remember how! i'll be experimenting again with this, and i shall give you the perfect recipe when i've found it, but there are loads of great ones on the web

apple milk tart - this was a very successful experiment!  i found some sweet shortcrust pastry in the freezer (before the recent diet change - now it would be an almond buckwheat crust), and a few hours later...

apple milk tart recipe:
1 lot of sweet shortcrust pastry (i used half wholewheat and part almond, part buckwheat)
8 small apples, peeled, cored and sliced
1tsp vanilla extract or 1 real vanilla pod if you have it
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp cinnamon
1 level tbsp cornflour
2 eggs
1 cup milk

1. place the pastry in a flan case, and prebake for about 10 minutes. make sure the edges are up quite high as it will shrink in the oven.
2. place apples in a pan and add the butter, cinnamon, vanilla and a little water. gently heat until the apples change colour and are squishy. then mash it all together in the pan with a potato masher or hand blender (depending on the sort of texture you would like)
3. then add in the cornflour, eggs and milk. mix together and then pour into the pre-baked flan case. cook for about 25 minutes until cooked through - test with a knife, and make sure it doesn't burn. enjoy!

breakfasts are good - orange and homemade dark chocolate banana bread, with green tea (of course!)

i can't wait to share my new eating plans with you all! and tell you if my diabetes is getting more under control on the diet - i love that i get to eat a big salad every day, and i am learning how to make homemade butter and yoghurt (that's this weeks experiment!). you know i don't advocate 'diets', but changing your eating plan without restrictions, only limitations, works well for me.

also if you haven't yet seen my new videos on my YT channel check out: my english accent (a bunch of other bloggers did this 'how do you say these words' tag, it was really fun!), my favourite non-fiction books and why reading matters to your health. and don't forget to subscribe and check out my healthy living series...

currently watching: sex and the city 2 - it's really not the best movie, but SATC is always fun :)


  1. That apple milk tart looks heavenly! There is nothing better than apples in desserts :)

  2. so yummy looking! Regarding the last post, you really made some great points, and I loved what you said about cheap meat not being'a good deal' for anyone. It made me really think about what you were saying. And i loved seeing you write about your family :). I also wait in anticipation for the prawn Thai curry recipe!
    I have just started my own blog, and i would love to link you down the side bar if thats ok with you? I read your blog all the time!


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