Friday, 14 January 2011

i hope you are all enjoying 2011 so far, and are looking back on 2010 with fond memories. it has been a weird one for me. i've learnt a lot through making a ton of mistakes, which is both good and bad really. i've got nowhere and somewhere all at the same time on many occasions.

nja captured so many amazing memories of this year:
 - in january, i discovered buckwheat porridge
 - in february, i bought an ice cream maker and didn't get further than making sorbet. 
 - in march, i received an order of delicious italian goods from la vialla.
 - in april, the blog had a makeover and i baked for the charity mencap
 - in may, i created a swedish feast for foodbuzz and enjoyed Booja Booja again.
 - in june, i discussed my new found love of radishes
 - in july we ate lots of food from our allotment and i enjoyed a new favorite breakfast.
 - in august, i posted lots of beautiful photos of my paris trip and the organic market there, and picked lots of wild cherries to make a breakfast compote.
 - in september, i ate homegrown loganberries, foraged a ton of blackberries and other goodies and entered into project food blog with calamari and a rose cake.
 - in october, we walked our new puppy Bruno and took part in a cookie exchange.
 - in november, i ate loads of roast chestnuts and carved my first pumpkin.
 - in december, i tried smoked reindeer and enjoyed the snow.

and now for the BIG news, this year i will be going to sydney, australia from June to December! yippee!


  1. so jealous of you going to Syndey! have a wonderful time! x

  2. LUCKY!! You're the second person I know going to Australia this year. You're going to have so much fun!

  3. Wow what a fab year! Very excited for you going to Australia!

  4. Good for you! Can't wait to read your adventures.


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