Saturday, 29 January 2011

homemade crumpets and scrambled eggs

thanks for all your good wishes about my recent news, i am also really excited (as you might imagine) and trying to get some serious planning underway...

i've had a funny month, with painful shoulder tendinitis, the puppy undergoing an emergency operation (it's still touch and go), and waiting for my sister in law to give birth - she's now 10 days overdue...and feeling quite uncomfortable. so we've all been sat on edge a bit this January, hence the lack of posts. 

there's also been a bit of a change in my eating plan. basically, i'm trying to eat fewer carbs and more protein. i  am also reversing the normal eating order, and having the biggest meal for breakfast, and smallest at dinner. and i'm resisting all things sugary (apart from the very occasional temptation which i allow myself for happiness reasons). i am eating more raw foods, and less cooked. more rice, less wheat. no heated fats, except coconut oil. and i have re-introduced dairy, and cut down on soy (a weird decision, which may not sound like the healthiest, but i will hopefully re-introduce almond milk at some point soon - more on that in a later post).

this was all part of a big sort of revelation i had to do with managing my diabetes, which arrived whilst looking at the tudiabetes forums about food. i was eating too much, basically. and i wasn't exercising enough either. it just means that i wasn't taking adequate care of myself, certainly not as good as i really ought to if i am to expect good health in my later years - which i hope will be the case. so after my eureka moment of, if i don't change something now, when will i? i changed my plans, i have edited my eating and exercising, and am on a good course. stay tuned.

now onto my latest eats. well, actually some of these shots date all the way back to december, so backdated are my posts! but the food is still as good, and i can definitely remember the tastes:

homemade crumpets. this was the final recipe i created on my 2010 recipe list, and i'm very happy to report a good result. not great however, but a few more attempts, and some fresh yeast, and i'm sure i will report absolutely stellar crumpets. wholemeal ones are more dense by nature anyway, and they tasted just wonderful with butter. i followed a more wholemeal version of this recipe by the hairy bakers, but you can check out this  one and this one too for more ideas

pilchard flan with a wholewheat crust and spinach. my mum makes the best pilchard flan (sounds gross, but tastes amazing, i promise!) ever, and i'm so grateful for her making one...

 knäckebröd with scrambled eggs and feta and sauteed greens, onions and tomatoes. a simple dinner made from the last contents of my fridge.

more scrambled eggs with cucumber and tomato salad and fried mustard peppers. maybe my best new discovery. simply fry the peppers in a little butter and olive oil (or coconut oil) then add a little honey and wholegrain mustard. fry for a few minutes and voila!

mum also makes an amazing homemade pizza. she had to cook for me a lot when my tendinitis was at it's worse. i am a terrible patient, i just wanted to keep cooking even though it really hurt. and she literally had to keep sitting me down in front of episodes of Smallville until i shut up and stopped fiddling with ingredients. anyway, it was lovely of her to make so many of the dishes we used to have all the time as kids - and her pizza sauce is divine. there's nothing quite like it.

i also tried my hand at crêpes recently. which were really good fun. though not at all healthy. especially when slathered in my beloved brandy butter. (that's why i had a green smoothie. guilt.) but, i wanted to prove that i could make them - and i did, and i am glad!

thanks everyone for checking up on my blog, i am so happy to know that it is read. and i hope it continues to inspire you and give you some ideas for cooking healthier food that is bursting with flavour. if you have anything in particular you would like to see or ask, don't hesitate.

currently listening to: stuck like glue by sugarland

ps. would you like to see the photo size a little larger? i've thought about it, and thought it best to ask you all...
pps. check out the beautiful Polish blog Every Cake You Bake, she made my amaranth cookie recipe...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

happy new year!

first let me say, happy new year everyone! this year i'll be heading off to Sydney, Australia from June to December, and i am totally looking forward to it - not quite sure what i'll be getting up to yet, but i have every faith that it will be amazing :)

so, when i went to the doctor's at the end of last year i found out my HbA1c had gone up by 0.5 which is really frustrating. i don't think i've really dealt with it yet though, which is even worse. i think i've put looking after myself on a little bit of a hold, though i'm not sure why or until when. perhaps now is as good a time as any to get back into feeling good, rather than tired and grumpy all the time... i've been back on the tudiabetes forums - which are a great help, good reading and now busier than ever.

i resolve to eat better in a more consistent way and do more exercise! and my step by step exercise plan goes something along the lines of - taking the dog for a 1hour walk each day on hilly terrain in the morning and doing pilates DVD once a week. this may not sound like much to you fitness fanatics out there, but to me, that's a lot. with taking such a hiatus from doing much exercise my energy levels are really low, and i get out of breath so quickly and my heart pounds in such a dramatic way. that's part of what happens when your levels creep up and your exercise quota depletes (yes, the two go in tandem) - and if you don't get in there quick and start exercising it is so much harder to start again, physically and mentally.

i'd love to do more swimming and also to start up running again - i loved it in my uni days and it kept my levels so wonderfully balanced.

i've been thinking about why i don't tend to do much exercise, or rely on it as a way to help control my diabetes. and i think it all stems from the way i was taught to cope with my type 1 diabetes - no doctor ever stressed the importance of exercise, or how i could benefit from it in such a massive way. i'm sure they said it of course, but it was never emphasised - they were more concerned with checking my levels frequently and making sure my insulin ratios were correct (which is important, but some practical advice wouldn't have gone amiss).

the other thing is that my family, and the culture of our society doesn't put much emphasis on exercise. it's sad but true. i know this because when i meet americans (in particular) they are so acutely aware of the importance of exercise, and each take part in sport or go to a gym. maybe it's to do with the English weather? there's not a lot of motivation to go running or cycling when it's wet! my 6 month trip down under should see me doing lots more exercise i hope.

i'd love to be one of those people who is able to decrease their insulin dependence massively and get their HbA1c to drop to the 5% margin. how amazing would that be? and really the only way that will happen is with regular routine exercise....surely.

Friday, 14 January 2011

i hope you are all enjoying 2011 so far, and are looking back on 2010 with fond memories. it has been a weird one for me. i've learnt a lot through making a ton of mistakes, which is both good and bad really. i've got nowhere and somewhere all at the same time on many occasions.

nja captured so many amazing memories of this year:
 - in january, i discovered buckwheat porridge
 - in february, i bought an ice cream maker and didn't get further than making sorbet. 
 - in march, i received an order of delicious italian goods from la vialla.
 - in april, the blog had a makeover and i baked for the charity mencap
 - in may, i created a swedish feast for foodbuzz and enjoyed Booja Booja again.
 - in june, i discussed my new found love of radishes
 - in july we ate lots of food from our allotment and i enjoyed a new favorite breakfast.
 - in august, i posted lots of beautiful photos of my paris trip and the organic market there, and picked lots of wild cherries to make a breakfast compote.
 - in september, i ate homegrown loganberries, foraged a ton of blackberries and other goodies and entered into project food blog with calamari and a rose cake.
 - in october, we walked our new puppy Bruno and took part in a cookie exchange.
 - in november, i ate loads of roast chestnuts and carved my first pumpkin.
 - in december, i tried smoked reindeer and enjoyed the snow.

and now for the BIG news, this year i will be going to sydney, australia from June to December! yippee!