Wednesday, 1 December 2010

white snow and pastel cupcakes

last weekend i spent with my wonderful grandparents, eating creamed parsnip and vanilla sponge. it was a spectacular drive on the way as it started snowing and it was settling thicker and thicker - so completely magical! the few inches we had meant that we stayed inside most of the weekend knitting and watching great old movies like the millionairess

the view from my bedroom was quite spectacular when i woke up on Saturday morning ♥

 my latest eats are humble but delicious:

pouring yogurt with banana, oats, sultanas and linseeds. a tasty dessert shared with my mother one evening.

boiled egg with dipping soldiers and baked beans are so much fun. it's like being a kid again. although my adult self sensibly put a side salad with it to balance it out...

we've been eating a lot of salad lately, with lots of protein and fresh greens. spicy chicken, boiled egg, spinach, kale, cucumber, tomato and peppers. with my favorite ryvita crispbread and a layer of houmous.

sometimes  our lunches are weird. a sort of strange combination of things put together from fridge leftovers - a bit of tortelloni, a fried sardine, some houmous, some dill mayo, some veg and greens. it all feels a little railway children, doesn't it?

my friend's birthday happened last week, and she came over for a little lunch - our last weekly lunch as we are both starting new jobs! so i made her some pretty cupcakes, using all the icing and sprinkles and edible glitter i could find...

i hope you are all enjoying the first day of december, and that you opened a door on your advent calendar!

currently listening to: white christmas by bing crosby

ps. i so so want to make these apple latkes from smitten kitchen, they look tres yummy!


  1. Those cupcakes look fabulous - I really must try making some soon but I have a list of 'to bake / cook' recipes as long as my arm! I sometimes think those random meals are the best ones :-)

  2. Luckyyy for getting that snow!! Just the sight of it makes me thank you. :)

  3. They are beautiful cupcakes! x x

  4. I've ust discovered your blog. This cupcakes look fab!


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