Thursday, 16 December 2010

present perfection and smoked reindeer

yesterday i may or may not have gone Christmas shopping and i may or may not have eaten one chunk of extra pistachio turkish delight, 3 huge milk chocolate brazil nuts (my favorite), 1 cheese straw and a bite of my brother's cream filled, cherry topped, raisin filled belgian bun.

ok, ok, i did.

and it was so good! we managed to get a few Christmas presents as well as eating our way around town. we also went to visit a friend of mine who is a jewellery designer in the town where we live. she is incredibly talented, and i so wish i hadn't already decided on a present for my mother, as her silver leaf and acorn pendant is absolutely beautiful (ok, maybe secretly i want it!). i actually saw her work desk, and she was making a commisioned piece for someone for a gift. she told me how her eyesight was getting progressively worse with creating such detailed pieces, and she's only 25!

we've ordered all our Christmas food now too. most of it is coming next week in an Ocado delivery van, apart from the meat (we're having lamb) which we have already purchased from our local farm shop. we have been redecorating too, our entire living room has been getting recarpeted, repainted and a new fireplace put in. it's a lot of work, but the family don't usually come to ours, so we want to make it special!

now onto my latest eats:

blueberry and banana buckwheat waffles (try saying that quickly!)

tortelloni with bacon and avocado sprout salad

haggis with potato wedges, sweet potato and spring greens with onion. i love haggis!

i've been sorting out creating this year's Christmas presents, as well as making pomanders with the family and eating tortelloni galore!

wholewheat pasta, boiled egg and sweetcorn lunchbox salad. 

wonderful pistachios - that bowlful was eaten in almost under 2 minutes by me and my mother. the salt and pepper flavour is delicious! they are just the right level of crispness, all easily openable and the flavour is just subtle enough to let the pistachios shine through.

we went to our local Ikea, and bought a few things in the food shop. this time we got knackebrod and smoked reindeer. that may sound really gross and weird, but it's seriously really good! we also got sild, kalles kaviar, kanelbulle, and crispbreads. we are fully stocked for the Christmas season now!

currently listening to: let it snow! by dean martin

PS. on a total sidenote that's a little off topic: i am so sad that the last season of Merlin ended, but I am super duper excited for the new season (apparently 2012), because of the beauty of the new cast - Gwaine, Lancelot and Percival - mm hmm. is it just me that appreciates rugged manly stubble a la Robin Hood or Aragorn?


  1. Everything look delicious x x

  2. mmm Aragorn! I love a bit of manly stubble as my semi bearded husband will testify! Great eats, I love the ikea food store, last year I bought loads from there to put into food hamper gifts :-)

  3. Yummy looking food!

  4. Delicious-looking meals, as always!
    But, for the record...
    What's reindeer?

  5. I only found out today how good chocolate Brazils are (only £1 in Tesco!) and had been wondering about the reindeer... might have to give it a go :-)

  6. Oh the salad with boiled egg looks so yummy! I love reading your blog, you always have such delicious looking foods.


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