Tuesday, 23 November 2010

new favorite foodie: shutterbean

so, most of you already know about the amazing blog shutterbean. but for those of you that don't, this one's for you. you need to go and check it out know!

how is it i had never found out about this one! it's gone straight on my bloglovin reel...

i've done a few posts about my favorite food blogs before, and i always like to stay up to date on awesome healthy food blogs. but it seems sometimes people keep them a secret! thank goodness i found lauraaranmaggievalerie and heidi. it is such a pleasure to be a part of the food blogging community ♥

let me know your favorites...

Friday, 19 November 2010

roast chestnuts and banana oat pancakes

bonjour! i have some recipes for you today - a couple of new favorites i just adore...skip to the bottom if you want to check them out.

but first, i want to say how excited and happy i am about the news of the Royal Engagement - Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally getting married! and he gave her his mother's engagement ring, how lovely :)

today i want to share with you some of my favorite things:

roasted chesnuts. oh so simple, and oh so tasty. especially with some pomegranate green tea and a new copy of country living! if you've never roasted sweet chestnuts before, simple cut a cross in them, and put them on a tray in the oven for 30 minutes at a medium temperature (175c). and voila! 

walking with the puppy. even when it's cold and frosty, i adore taking him out for a stroll in my local countryside. it's been so beautiful lately with all the frost, as you can see the steam rising from the frost and the mist hanging low in the sky, it's really magical.

tortelloni. fresh of course. these are quick and simple and one of life's purest pleasures.

swaps! i recently took part in sofia's autumn swap, and received a parcel load of goodies from the lovely Kelly Kilmer :) i was really privileged to receive this parcel all the way from LA! the tea's are delicious, and i'm really looking forward to reading the book too. my parcel is on it's way, and i hope it's recipient enjoys it! i've also signed up for the UK Secret Santa that Laura is hosting, yahoo!

well prepared lunches. there's nothing more exciting than taking time to create a really special lunch. it feels very decadent, and it must be really good for the soul. we had trout sandwiches (handamde from scratch by my lovely brother), peppers and kale, apple and blackberry yogurt and a glittery cupcake made by a cake-maker friend of mine - edible glitter is the best!

pancakes and green smoothies. to start the day with pancakes is fun and exciting, and makes everyone's days a little brighter from the get-go! and green smoothies bring so much energy and nutrients, as well as tasting great. the two together is a powerful combination! 

these are two of my favorite recipes at the moment actually, banana oat pancakes and green ginger smoothie - see below the photo.

banana oat pancakes recipe - inspired by orangette

1. mix 1 cup porridge oats, 1 cup goat/soy milk, 1 egg, 1tbsp oil and use a electirc blender to smooth the ingredients together.
2. then add 1/4 cup spelt flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1 large banana, a sprinkle of salt, a sprinkle of cinnamon and 1-2tsp honey/maple syrup. blend these together again.
3. heat a large frying pan up to a medium high heat with a little oil in (coconut oil works well here). you know it is hot enough when water sizzles as you sprinkle it on the hot pan.
4. dollop on spoonfuls of the mixture and flip once it has a generous quantity of bubbles on the surface and is slightly firmed around the edges. serve with fresh berries, yogurt or a la mode.

notes: you don't need to blend these - they will be perfectly ok without, and even give a little additional texture. also, feel free to change up the ingredients a little, just make sure you have the same ratio of dry to wet ingredients - pancakes are very forgiving!

green ginger smoothie recipe

blend together 2 apples, 2 bananas, 1 knob of ginger (about the size of a brazil nut, or depending on how gingery you would like it), a cup or more of water (depending on the desired consistency) and then fill your blender up with a mixture of greens - i like mostly spinach with a little spring greens and gem lettuce.

notes: you can also add a little chocolate powder and a few berries to make it a chocolate and ginger green smoothie, which is also delicious!

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

happiness in loneliness

this little video made me smile, so i thought i ought to share it, in case it brought you the same happiness:

i've always struggled with being by myself, but recently a friend told me how much she wished for more time by herself, and that really blessed me. i've been trying to enjoy life to the max, and use the time i have with just my own thought wisely, not sadly.

of course, it helps to have a puppy :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

100% coconut water and roasted brussels

hello lovely readers, i hope you are having a great day! it is raining outside my window, but i quite like the quiet peace it brings to the house: the puppy is asleep at my feet by the heater and i'm still in my pj's drinking my morning green smoothie and redbush tea. divine!

yesterday i was pretty ill from my diabetes - my sugar levels were flying all over the place, and there was one very scary low moment. but my family came to my rescue and sat me down and fed me pancakes! diabetes is only fun when you HAVE to eat pancakes at 10 at night... the rest of the day i had high sugar levels, and this is no fun at all, because it makes me feel so wretched. oh well, this morning i have had a nice lie in and my levels are balanced again.

i have been making decisions about my future these past few weeks. i have been in a bit of a conundrum about quite what to do - i have been standing at a crossroads for a long time trying to decide which way to go. but instead of choosing, i have been procrastinating. so, last week i went and spoke to my pastor, who gave me a few new options to think about, which involve more travelling! i have even sent of emails and things to try and get some cogs whirring. so, keep an eye out for future developments... i am SO excited!

onto a slightly less personal and a slightly more foodie note (although isn't food personal? hmm), i have been experimenting more with new savoury recipes, which is a stretch for me. as it's not quite my forte. however, my skin has been horrible lately, which i can only pin down to stress and more-than-usual quantities of sugar in my diet. so, i have taken steps to eliminate processed sugars and too much vegetable oil (as well as simplifying my skincare routine) - and it seems to be working so far. perhaps the secret is in the green smooothies?

here are my latest delicious treats:

roasted brussel sprouts - yum! i can't remember when i first read about these, but i know it was on the blogosphere, and that i have seen them pop up in all sorts of places since then. suffice to say, i love these and they are so simple to make!

vita coco 100% coconut water - i picked just one of these up at my local health food shop. i feel so good after drinking these, but at £1.69 for just one tiny one, i don't think these can become more regular than once in a while. if you are unsure of why you should spend so much money, watch this.

chicken and puy lentil salad - this is the perfect salad for winter as it's heart and filling and i just can't seem to get enough puy lentils, they are ridiculously good - if you've never had a pack, go out and get one now!

pancakes are almost becoming twice weekly in this house - and every time i make them i seem to use a different grain or ingredient! roll on more pumpkin pancakes, these are so yummy! and a possible Christmas day breakfast (although we are currently in negotiations on that one!!)

pearl barley, chicken, pesto, broccoli and boiled eggs. weird but filling, and good for you!

oh, well, now that was a long long post, and perhaps one of the first times i've shared more than my eating habits with you all, but oh, i hope you don't mind. i guess i think you deserve to know a little more about me!

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Monday, 15 November 2010

the outcome

so after many many hours, i have finally completed my scarf! and it's received a ton of compliments already and has kept my neck very warm ♥

i'm already starting on a couple of these for Christmas presents...

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

bonfire night and pumpkin pancakes

thanks for the lovely response to my previous post. i'm so glad you liked the pumpkin carving!

so, first up are some recent tasty eats:

pumpkin pancakes - my first ever attempt - were fantastic! i can't believe i've lived so long without these. they are so light and tasty, and go perfect with lingonberry tea.

oven roasted carrots, parsnips, butternut squash and purple carrots with homemade ketchup

i wouldn't usually eat croissants but one with a big glass of green smoothie can't hurt can it. especially when the whole packet was reduced to 55p.

dr oetkers pizza pollo - the only pizza i will allow myself because it's so colorful, has a thin base and tastes really really good.

baked beans and jacket potato. the ultimate bonfire night food.

so our bonfire night was wonderful. it was cold and dry, and who can ask for more than that on such a fantastic occasion? for those of you who have no idea what bonfire night is, click here for a video all about the tradition. and if you want to know all about flapjack, check out my favorite sophie dahl book (i promise you won't regret buying it!) or channel4 for a traditional golden syrup variety.

here's a few photo's my lovely brother took of the occasion:

soup, jacket potatoes, mulled wine, flapjack, chestnuts are all tasty bonfire night food! and we had each and every one on Sunday. mmmm, roasted chestnuts.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

swedish cinnamon wreath and beetroot cupcakes

so, i hope you are all enjoying autumn and are excited about winter! i've been eating such same-y bland looking foods (but they all taste amazing!) - though there's no excuse for it, as winter has lots of tasty bright pink beetroot, green broccoli, orange pumpkin, purple kale, multi-colored chard - i just need to experiment a little...

onto my latest eats and treats:

my family and friends did a serious pumpkin carving session last week. 
it was my first ever pumpkin carve... 

i was absolutely inspired by the lovely artemis of tales of a junkaholic (see the post here) to create this amazing feat of artistic skill...not bad for a first attempt right? though i must admit to having help!

the new favorite dish in our household is most certainly squid, i purchase calamari whenever it's available in the store from the meat & fish counter (thank you Waitrose!) and i just adore it. it's so so so quick and really tasty too - plus it reminds me of Greece...

lamb stew. this doesn't look like much but it was the tastiest stew i've had in a long time. really i think the secret is in the stewing lamb, which i don't usually use, but lamb really does add a lot of flavour to a stew, along with bouillon (read: my trusty friend). stews are such proper English food = hearty. and homely.

another thing we've been eating plenty of is our root vegetables from the allotment - we've had plenty, and there's still loads to come. our favorite way of eating them is to make fries. peel, slice into long strips, mix with oil, salt, pepper ad picante pimenton (a serious must) and pop in the oven for half an hour. AMAZING! especially with homemade ketchup (yes i did go that far this summer when we had too many tomatoes!)

the swedish cinnamon cardamom wreath. legendary. a simple regular bread recipe but with cinnamon and cardamom powder added before shaping to give it some awesome tasty swirls. and then wreathed and sprinkled with pearl sugar. it's love. and already polished off. (ps. a green smoothie ought to balance out all the white flour right?)

avocado, trout, salad and roasted root veggies with dill mayonnaise (another in house fave)

beetroot cupcakes -which is really just the melinda messenger recipe in cupcake form. i still love these so much. and so does everyone else it seems!

i can't work out why these cooked pinker than the large cake i made? mystery. but a happy mystery. 

my brother jonny made me dinner, and wowee he can cook! buttered cabbage, beetroot beans, pearl barley and boiled egg. yum!

it was bonfire night last night in my village, which was so much fun - hopefully photos and video to come!

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

my new love for green smoothies

so, some of you may have noticed a couple of green smoothies on this blog in the past (here and here) and also you might have read my review of the book green for life by victoria boutenko. but i've never actually drunk them more than once a week.

therefore, i decided to start drinking about 1 pint each day. and since starting just over a week ago I can already see improvements - my skin is clearer and my energy levels are up. wahoo! my brother is joining me in this little experiment, and he has noted the same effects also. we've also both been drinking lots of pure mineral water too - instead of tap.

another thing is that we've both really craved our green smoothies in the morning, which is something i never thought i'd say. or hear my brother say. and my sugar cravings are almost non-existent, thank goodness, because they were starting to pester me...

i filmed a little video all about green smoothies for you all to watch, it's just a little introduction, and there's loads of info out there on the internet too, of course. but here it is for all of you green monster newbies...

and for a little extra info, try out these awesome sites:
 - green smoothie challenge testimonials - these are incredibly interesting, and powerful evidence i think!
 - demo of how to make a green smoothie (by my lovely brother!)