Saturday, 16 October 2010

a trip to bocketts farm park

on a recent trip to go and pick up some gorgeous china (that i won from ebay) we stopped by for tea at bocketts farm park. i had never been there before, and i absolutely fell in love with their tea rooms. next time i'm heading that way i'll be sure to stop by for a slice of cake and a cup of tea...

the tea rooms are in this beautiful old barn - there's lots of space and i think it's the perfect quaint english country cafe

we had a slice of rhubarb raspberry cake with clotted cream, it was deliciously moist!

the inside of the cafe was decorated so wonderfully, with a giant chicken (?!) and hops around the beams - it was very rustic but cosy at the same time

it's also got a little farm for children to enjoy - which we didn't go in, but i imagine lots of kids have a fantastic time there!

i love when you randomly happen to stumble across somewhere so nice! have you got any favourite cafes?

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