Tuesday, 28 September 2010

chocolate coconut truffles and homemade tortillas

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so, i bet you all want to know how little Bruno, our new puppy, is getting on in our house. and the answer would be, wonderful! he is a little terror most of the time, eating my trouser legs and chewing the new carpet. but he's learning how to sit though, which is brilliant. i can't wait to take him walking - only 1 week and 6 days to go until his vaccine's cleared, yahoo!

so, as i was figuring out what my next post should be about, i came across a bunch of summer food photos that i hadn't already published, and they were too beautiful to not document on this here blog:

raw chocolate coconut truffles - i found the recipe on kimberley snyder's blog (i love her blog, it inspires me to be healthier), and realised i had all the ingredients in the house, so made them straight away! and my family couldn't tell the difference between these and regular truffle centres...

summer breakfast with loganberries (grown on the allotment - these 6 were about a third of our total gathering!) - milk, oats, apple sauce, cherry compote and sultanas. and probably linseeds and cinnamon if i had anything to do with it...

i ate out friends houses quite a number of times, which was lovely. and i am so thankful to have friends who can not only cook, but cook healthy, tasty food. here is a sampler: potato wedges, chicken, bacon and avocado salad with hummus and rice salad. Kim really knows her spices!

then i ventured into creating my own tortillas - really easy and very quick to do. they cost a fortune to by ready made, so i decided to have a go at making my own with this recipe and i was so pleased. there's now a permanent supply in the freezer, ready to go at any moment

the joy of tortillas is that you can fill them with leftover vegetables from the fridge, a few slices of chorizo and a little mayonnaise and they taste fabulous, mmmmm

i also had the pleasure of being lent a book called the garden cottage diaries, which was a brilliant look at life in the eighteenth century. i created one of the recipes from there which was most talked about - barley bannocks. they were actually quite delicious with a pretty good flavour, not at all like the cardboard slices i thought they would be.

my favorite dish of the summer - spanakopita. i made these a lot and froze them for quick lunchtime snacks - perfect compliment to a tomato salad or just lovely by themselves followed by an apple for dessert.

what a random mix?! oh well, these are at least some of the highlights of my summer eats. i will miss summer food, but i am such a soup/stew/pumpkin/squash/apple fan to not want autumn to keep rolling in...

just fyi, if you are a UK food blogger or you would like to take part in a cookie exchange, the lovely salad and sequins is organising one - so check out her blog for more info.

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  1. I just got a tortilla press and I don't think I can go back to store-bought! Homemade are so much tastier. Haven't tried flour yet though, only corn. Yours look great!

  2. Oooh, yum, chocolate truffles! I just might have to go there and make them.
    It all looks delicious!

  3. Oh! i love the decoration! the dishes and the tableclothes!

  4. wow,

    They just not look so yummy but they are also healthy,..

    I really adore this kind of foods.

  5. When making your tortillas, did you use usual flour or substitute it for a different type of flour? They look delicious., I can't wait to have a go!


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