Friday, 18 June 2010

for the love of radishes

did you know that before my swedish feast i had never eaten a radish? or at least not that i can remember anyway. and i've seriously been missing out all these years. i remember reading this post over at Kimberly Snyder's blog, and feeling really up for trying them out, because of their amazing health and beauty benefits - who knew these tiny things were so good for you.

another great reason to have radishes is that they are really quick and easy to grow yourself. they don't need a lot of space, and after sowing the seed, 6 weeks later you'll have a good selection of radishes to eat up. you can also plant them throughout most of the year because there are so many different varieties - so you can eat them all year round!

the taste is so fresh, and so summery and the great combination of crispy and sweet that is perfect in a vegetable.

i've been experimenting (well sort of) with using them in different ways, all as fresh and raw as possible to help retain the goodness.

simply used as a dipping tool alongside cucumber sticks, or perhaps carrots and bell peppers, they are fantastic...even better if you leave a bit of the tops on to use as a handle (next time i'll remember this)!

used in a green smoothie. it adds a delicious, almost aniseed, freshness to this morning beverage. this particular one was amazing, it had a bag of rocket & mizuna leaves, 2 large radishes, 2 nectarines, 1 banana, 1-2sp maple syrup, linseeds, water - amazing!

cucumber, radish and dill salad alongside meatballs, onions and egg, how swedish is that?

thinly sliced on top of a spinach, mackerel, tomato and goats cheese salad - a great little addition!

to sum up; i love radishes! they will forever be in my fridge, and i can't wait for our own allotment radishes to be ready to eat!

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  1. you know what? I don't think i'v actually ever used a radish in a dish i've created. Thanks for all the different ways to use them :)


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