Friday, 4 June 2010

a question of individuality and style

firstly, sorry for the huge lack of posting lately, and i hope that this post goes someway to explaining why that's the case...but also i've been on and off ill for the last couple of months - rubbish, but i think i'm past it now.

this was going to be a bit of a rambly post, but i really dislike reading those on other blogs cos they kinda get me down, and where's the fun in that? suffice it to say that i'm in a total style rut. i figure style is about confidence and experimentation, neither of which i've ever been particularly brilliant at - i'm more the shy and safe kind of person.

however there is a little fashion rebel inside of me...i just know there is. the kind who wants to get a tattoo, wear red lipstick and wear heels every day.

i think style is a constant process of re-invention and experimentation, fashion allows you to be a different person every day and try on different personas to see which one(s) is really you. but somewhere along the line, my clothes got boring, and the combinations with them.

how does one try to crawl out of a rut? well...
  • firstly i will keep paying attention to you lovely bloggers, and maybe even try to recreate some of the looks from my favorite blogs, just to see how i feel
  • only buy things that are interesting and unique (shopping trip to Paris in July should help with this!) - and more vintage shopping is blatantly a great way to do this too!
  • try not to focus too much on trends, but instead search for lasting elegant style, or at least something that is different from other people
  • show off my favorite features - legs and shoulders will be the centre of attention for outfits and new purchases to come
  • try to find some statement accessories - i would love lots of big earrings. and a few pairs of actually interesting and wearable shoes.
  • get some awesome hair...i am in the process of regaining my natural colour, as it's now gone a very dodgy shade of orangey, blondey, brown. and i can't seem to do many things to my hair either now it's short. oh, how i wish for long hair i can side braid and look completely carefree with.
  • feel good by finishing my to do list and accomplishing more of my goals - that way if i'm happier, then in theory i'll want to spend more time.
  • realise it's not about the money. i don't need to spend lots of money to look really good, it's more about actually spending time putting outfits together, and creating custom pieces.
  • keep watching my favorite fashion films (see this video) repeatedly, and write down what makes their style so awesome so i can incorporate that into my own real life (i have bought Aeon Flux and Roman Holiday recently which i can't wait to see)
  • take advice from helpful people - have you ever been in a style rut? what things do you think are important to remember when putting an outfit together?