Tuesday, 25 May 2010

sweet strata and roasted beetroot

hey everyone, my event on saturday went well, and i can finally get back into preparations for this saturday! i'm going to be practising a few of my grandmother's dishes for the event...

the crazy hot weather here in the uk has meant that i've been craving smoothies and salads, basically lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. so, i've been popping out to top up quite frequently at waitrose, as well as snacking on what we've got in our garden pots.

as for the non-foodie side of my life, i've been utterly confused lately. i guess i sort of feel like i was supposed to figure stuff out in my early twenties, and so far it's not quite going according to plan. and am sort of getting faced with the reality of never knowing what my true 'calling' is in life. worst of all, all this stress of not knowing has been making me ill, and breakout, eurgh.

as part of my life coaching sessions, i have to write out a paragraph about where i visualise my life in 2 years time. it's tremendously difficult, but i think i can see it taking shape. something like waking up, going for a short bike ride, coming back to cook an amazing breakfast, writing a couple of articles, doing a little bit of gardening, making a video, eating a delicious big salad, walking the dog, visiting a beautiful national trust house for inspiration, taking plenty of photos, reading a classic novel, having a hot cup of vegetable soup, going out to the cinema with a friend, going to sleep in a massive king size bed.

recent eats:
the most delicious and pretty summery dessert ever! fresh strawberries and blueberries with sheepsmilk yogurt and agave nectar, amazing!

mustard baked trout with stir fry vegetables - this was divine

full cooked english breakfast - naughty but nice. i'm not sure why the meatballs are in this photo, as i didn't eat them together!

there is such simple pleasure in roasted beetroot

sweet breakfast strata - i've had this idea for a long while (actually ever since watching The Family Stone) and so the other day i actually tried it out, and it worked!

simply soak wholewheat/seeded bread overnight in soya milk/cream mixed with beaten eggs, freshly grated nutmeg, chopped dried apricots and anything else you like (banana and dark chocolate would be an awesome combination!)

currently listening to: safe by phil wickham

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