Thursday, 20 May 2010

swedish honokaka recipe

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as part of my swedish feast for next next saturday, i decided to try out one of my favorite things that reminds me of sweden, hönökaka. it's a sweet flat bread/cake that comes from the Gothenburg area, which is also where my grandmother comes from.

this is a taste that truly reminds me of childhood, and i never thought to actually try and make it myself, as the shop bought variety has such a classic taste that i thought could not be replicated easily at home...

well, so i found a recipe online at the fresh loaf and translated it into workable british/american measures (and edited it slightly of course), see after the photos.

the shopbought variety is no doubt sweeter than homemade, and lighter, but there's only so much lightness you can get into bread at home without a commercial mixer! i think it probably has a little more syrup, salt and butter in too, which i might add in next time i make a batch. instead i drizzled on some agave nectar, and smothered each piece with butter and salty kalles that's the taste of sweden to me!

i am so happy with how it turned out, and can't wait to take a few pieces out of my little freezer bag for eating later...mmm!

hönökaka recipe

2 sachets dry yeast / 25g fresh
500ml milk
1tbsp golden syrup/honey/molasses
1tsp salt
2 cups rye flour (sieved)
4 cups plain flour
25g butter (softened)

 - dissolve yeast in milk,  by heating the milk through till warm and whisking. add in the syrup and salt and whisk until all dissolved.
 - remove from heat and add in the rye flour (through a sieve) until well combined.
 - work in the plain flour until combined and it is thick enough to knead.
 - knead until the texture is smooth. then add in the softened butter (not melted). shape and then leave to rise until doubled in size.
 - cut into 6 pieces. shape into balls and leave to rise whilst the oven heats up to temperature - or at least 20 minutes.
 - roll each piece out into a circle, that is about 1/2 cm thick, then spike with a fork all over (so there are no air bubbles, as well as to make the honokaka look beautiful!)
 - bake each piece on a tray in a very hot (250c) oven for 3-4 minutes until golden (as one finished i had prepared another, so i was able to repeatedly use the same two trays).
 - enjoy hot from the oven with butter and kalles kaviar, or freeze and enjoy later.

honokaka goes brilliant with a combination of sweet and salty toppings, try honey, jam, pickled herring, fish, fruit compote, yogurt, butter, tangy cheese...and let me know of any other delicious combinations you come up with!

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  1. Ah, I have never seen a recipy for this before, Hönokaka is one of the things I just accepted as a lost cause when I moved to the UK. Thank you so much, will have to make this asap. And to think I just meant to look for a mineral foundation review on youtube...

    tack, och hejdå!

  2. Amazing! never thought it would be possible to replicate hönökaka from home. As I live in London I have to wait for rare trips to Sweden to eat it so I HAVE to try this! thanks!


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