Tuesday, 13 April 2010

villefranche sur mer and patisseries

bonjour! ca va? i have just returned from a lovely trip to Villefranche Sur Mer in the south of France, which was awesome and full of incredibly lovely food, of course! so, in true blogger style, i took plenty of photos of everything i ate so you can all see the delicious french food we had...

courgette tarte - this was incredible. i bought it from a patisserie in monte carlo, and savoured every single bite of it's garlic, herby flavour - i love how the french use herbs all the time

my mum dreams about this seafood pizza - it's so thin and incredibly tasty, there's not much cheese or much crust, but there's lots of tomato, seafood and this herb oil they put on top afterwards, which is literally amazing and i wish i could copy...

♥ pomegranate peach crunch with orange blossom sorbet - from haagen dazs in monaco, it was pretty good, although so loaded with sugar that i felt particularly ill afterwards - not worth it. 

lunch sat on our hotel balcony: raspberry flan, a religieuse, pissaladiere, spinach and pine nut quiche (to be repeated on many occasions because it's so good - * from the bakery across from the tourist centre, next to the fruit & veg shop)

la fille du pecheur - on the waterfront in villefranche - it's a yummy restaurant

here's what i ordered - crab salad basically, with all sorts of exciting things in there including chicory, sweetcorn, endives, grapefruit, salad leaves, tomatoes and avocado

we also shared seafood tapas which were really really good - especially the calamari

i'll be posting another lot of yummy food photographs tomorrow for you all to enjoy!

today i'm doing some sorting in the house, and getting ready to head off to london tomorrow to see one of my uni friends i haven't seen for about a year and a half - i'm sure we'll be eating some really delicious food... and probably taking a trip to Soho Wholefoods!

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  1. Where did you go for the spinach and pine nut quiche? We will be in Villefranche for 2 weeks in May and I would love to track that down!

  2. i've added a little note about where it's from now...i can't remember the name of the patisserie, but it's just across the road (not the main road) from the tourist office in villefranche, it's much better than the one in the old town by the water i promise!


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