Thursday, 29 April 2010

sheeps milk yogurt and sprout tomato salad

lots of exciting new things are happening here with not just apples, i can hardly wait to tell you all about them, but it will all become apparent soon i hope!

yes i know these photos are in a little bit of a weird order, but the post was just going a little doolally every time i wanted to edit it! so anyways, here's food from the last week:

sheeps milk yoghurt with fruit compote (super sugary, and is therefore only really intended for mum, but i can't help trying a little bit on some delish yogurt...

baked beans on toast - no added sugar on whole wheat of course! a simple lunch, can you tell we were running out of food in the house?

broad bean hummus is becoming a bit of a staple in our house, there's always a bag of frozen broad beans in the freezer, garlic in the fridge and seasoning in the cupboard. it's so simple to make, and i love shelling the beans - it's very therapeutic!

butternut squash fries with green beans, peas and broccoli, tomatoes, beans and salad

waitrose chicken and spanish chorizo potatoes with olives, served with a sprout and tomato salad - this was really my first sprout experience, and i've been so happy with the flavour and texture of them, that i'm sure we'll be purchasing them again

scrambled eggs on toast with sheep's milk yogurt and fruit compote, and a mug of green tea

spelt tuna pasta salad - packed lunches have never been this families strong point, we'd all rather have a few extra minutes in bed than create something too elaborate. but when it's cooked the night before, we don't mind having something a little unusual or experimental, as i'm convinced anything tastes better with a little rest and refrigeration. spelt pasta with tuna, sprouts, tomato and mayonnaise - not bad, but it could have used some leafy greens!

spelt and whole wheat biscuits from the kind diet, they turned out really nicely, and they were polished off before the sun set

random stir fry dinner with half a breaded lemon sole and half an avocado, something quick but nutritious. made even better by glancing through the new toast catalogue

i'll be letting you in on a little secret tomorrow hopefully, but in the mean time:

have a delicious day!

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