Wednesday, 28 April 2010

eating for beauty

i finally finished eating for beauty by david wolfe, and i am excited to give you my review on it!

it's a really really interesting book, david wolfe looks at things from a totally different viewpoint, which makes everything he has to say worth reading.

he is a raw foodist, but not so strict that he doesn't include cooked food recipes and ideas in the book. there's also some mention of eating unpasteurized dairy, which came as somewhat of a shock. and he suggests not eating cereal grains, potatoes or beans as he thinks they are un-beautifying - hmm.

i like how he goes through some of his favorite beautifying foods, and really studies the science behind how it could enhance your beauty. and most of his suggestions are really practical and easy foods to incorporate into your diet more often - watercress, figs, papaya, olive oil...mostly things you can find in your supermarket, and just eat more often. i quite like that it's based on common sense, but he doesn't discuss local diets at all, and that there may in fact be differences in the way that some people respond to different types of food - there's a great quantity of evidence that says that some groups of people are better able to absorb vitamins from certain foods, depending on your heritage and ancestry (i'm super interested in this!)

he understand the practicalities of incorporating what he says into regular everyday life, that is, until he comes to his recipe section, which was fairly uninspiring or had far too many unusual ingredients - but it's such a small section anyway that it's not the make-or-break of the book.

the way he talks about the importance of lifestyle is great - hot springs, beauty sleep, yoga, skincare - those sections were all really new information for me, or at least the science part of it was. i think the one part of the whole book that resonated with me the most was when he mentions not touching your face with your hands, as this can lead to bacteria getting into your skin and causing breakouts. it's obvious really, but i've stopped doing this and have noticed a massive improvement to my face, no new blemishes, and if they do show their faces, they're gone within a couple of days because i haven't irritated them!

given that david's skin looks amazing, how could you not want to listen to what he has to say? he is inspiring, and for those of you wanting to find a more lifestyle approach to health and diet, then this would be a great book for you to read.

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