Wednesday, 7 April 2010

delights of the table

i might as well tell you...i'm off to the south of france soon for a short break! i'm so excited to go to the bakery, enjoy the views and practice my french. i'll be taking loads of photos to show you guys all the tasty things i'll be eating, so check back soonish for tasty french food photographs!

my most recent tasty treats:

breakfast omelette with somerset cheddar

mexican chilli flan from my local health food shop, along with the latest Vogue and some mango Sip

chopped apple and banana with peanut butter and cinnamon

sundried tomatoes and olives

vegetable tortelloni from Waitrose

organic strawberries - which were a little disappointing, but what can you expect from strawbs in april...?

pertwood organic muesli with alpro soya milk - a pretty summery start to any day!

wholefoods lunch from marks & spencer - barley, lentil, spinach, tomatoes, squash, hummus, pepper and more goodness, i love m&s lunches!

organic avocadoes are the best, so creamy and tastelicious

brown rice cheesy pancakes - a little experiment that went pretty well actually, based on overnight pancakes, with some runner bean chutney these are really delicious

whortleberry jam (a kind of blueberry) - that i picked up at minehead farmer's market when we went to exmoor, i can't wait to try it on some toasted walnut bread

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