Monday, 22 March 2010

my latest and most delicious food treats

i hope you're all keeping well, and that your day is going brilliantly! i had a very busy week last week, and a super busy weekend. i've just moved rooms and i also had a huge event on saturday which i was in charge of - it was my first one which was a little scary, but it did go very well!

nutmeg pear bake with homemade yogurt - one of my favorite dinner desserts as it's no sugar, wheat free, and so easy to make!

chickpea curry - simple and delicious

chopped vegetable salad with avocado

morning drinks - banana almond smoothie and water

the perfect lunch - omelette and a bowl of mushroom soup

the omelette had spinach, watercress, rocket, goats cheese, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms

a light sunday afternoon dinner with a great read too...

an organic fry-up - i was craving this all morning, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, fried egg, soda bread, potatoes, and the style section!

my first oiaj (oats in a jar) experience - there's no better way to warm your hands in the morning! i can't wait for my carobio jar to be nearly empty, that's going to be amazing

well that was a very delicious few days, with a couple of new and very delightful experiences. i'm hoping that i've been doing the oiaj thing properly so far, have you any good oiaj tips?

i'm currently eagerly anticipating a long journey with my grandmother to the dentists tomorrow, followed by an evening of teaching one of my lovely chinese friends how to bake English style - we'll be making ginger biscuits and dorset apple cake to start off with!

i've also just finished another amazing book - michael pollan's 'in defense of food' - which i'll be doing a review of shortly to let you know a little more about it!

stay well

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