Wednesday, 31 March 2010

honey flapjack and an assortment of smoked fish

i've eaten some random food the last few days: i haven't been meal planning and shopping accordingly, so instead i've bought things at random, mum's a compulsive shopper too so, without a plan, us shopping is a little bit chaotic!

never the less, i've enjoyed the things i've eaten! and there's been a lot of finishing up, as there's not particularly much left in the fridge...mostly because i'm headed off to Devon tomorrow to spend Easter with my wonderful, crazy family (hopefully lots of happy photos to come!). I am super duper excited, and even though the weather is due to be horrible, I am sure we will have some awesome times together :)

i've been baking lasagne today, which will get frozen tonight to take for the weekend alongside my fish pie (well actually it's Jamie's, but that's not the point) as well as dried dates and apricots to snack on. i hope we'll be going out for a couple of meals, and then just reading and relaxing the rest of the time. maybe i'll get to make some sort of very exciting YT video?! i've just uploaded my food philosophy video, which is a bit of an insight into my life - though i'm very much still learning and experimenting with food.

i've written a very important book review which will upload tomorrow, featuring one of my favorite cooks of the moment...i'm so excited about this one!

anyway, here's my most recent gastronomic delights:

random leftovers: carrot, celery, wholewheat tortilla chips, philadelphia, nanna's runner bean chutney, cashew nut butter - and a cup of hot lemon water

this was a little experiment - pear and banana fried in butter and la vialla's chestnut honey, the banana was absolutely divine, but the pear wasn't quite ripe enough for frying...

porridge with melted raw honey, goji berries and linseeds - one of the most beautiful oatmeal combinations ever

mushroom soup (which is never going to look attractive in a bowl is it?) with a few slices of Vogels and an assortment of smoked fish from Waitrose, of which the sweet mustard salmon is definitely the best, mmmm.

mixed waitrose salad bar - i think there's lentil and bean salad, grated beetroot and carrot salad with pumpkin seeds, tabbouleh, greek salad, and some waldorf salad - i love how all the flavours combine to make something truly delicious

i tried making honey flapjack from the book i'll be reviewing tomorrow... it was so delicious, even though i made the ultimate flapjack mistake and baked it without baking paper and in a tray that was too big, oopsie, next time i'll make sure to have baking paper nearby. but seriously the taste and texture of this was amazing, and it was made with honey rather than sugar!!

Have a fantastic day!


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