Monday, 15 March 2010

egg free buckwheat pancakes and a chinese dinner

i did eat lots of tasty things last week! and today i went food shopping, and bought pretty much mostly organic vegetables and fruits!

homemade yogurt, with homemade granola and delicious maple syrup. whilst admiring the hummingbird bakery cookbook!

chickpea soup with cranks, plus a kiwi, on my lunch break from home: a great time to check out my list of things to do...

carrot sticks dipped in roasted cashew butter...a pretty good discovery

raw honey on toast, apples with peanut butter, plus some green tea

one of my good friends brought over some tyrells crisps: isn't that just the best gift? i love them

i made another black bean cake for mothers day afternoon with my mum and nanna, which i then took to share with some other friends that evening. this cake goes down a treat! plus am reading loads about allotments and growing vegetables in preparation for maybe, possibly, having our own allotment - the latest read is the great vegetable plot.

i went to a chinese friends home for dinner on saturday night, she made cola chicken and crispy duck wraps, plus garlic broccoli and some amazing soup for starters.

a breakfast feast for mothers day. all toppings for pancakes - we couldn't decide! these weren't just any pancakes, these were egg-free, buckwheat pancakes...which taste great with peanut butter sliced banana and maple syrup.

and last night i whipped up a batch of coconut milk cookies, which have now all been polished off - they are seriously good.

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  1. Looking as all these pictures is making me hungry! I love the hummingbird bakery books, the vanilla cupcakes are delicious, i think the fact they're made with milk makes them that bit lighter x


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