Friday, 26 March 2010

bake-athon and buffalo mozzarella

i had a great evening doing a bake-athon with my chinese friend, bailey, we made shah biscuits and a dorset apple cake; she was a complete natural with a spatula in her hands.

on wednesday morning i caught up with 'the delicious miss dahl', a new programme on bbc2 which was absolutely fantastic! i can totally relate to her approach to food, and i loved the way it was structured into feelings. but most importantly, i thought the food was amazing and looked delicious! i especially loved how she fantasizes about buffalo mozzarella and how sensual it is to tear it up in your hands...

honey stir fry with buckwheat soba noodles

here she is with her very own homemade dorset apple cake, yum!

buckwheat porridge with a mug of green tea and an almond, raspberry and banana smoothie

buffalo mozzarella (sophie dahl style) for lunch, with la vialla olive oil, rustic wholemeal baguette and a little side salad

this made for a very delicious lunchtime treat...

in nigel slater's book real fast puddings there's a recipe for chocolate chestnut puddings, which is completely amazing, and incredibly quick and easy to make - i highly recommend it to anybody who loves chocolate!

i made a VERY large fish pie, topped with sweet potato and potato mash, (i use jamie's recipe from the  ministry of food cookbook) this is now in the freezer waiting for a large family party at easter! i can't wait!

vegetable lasagne - this was really good, and enough to make my brother and sister-in-law (who never would dream of not eating meat at a meal) actually ask for seconds! there's no cheese between the layers, instead it's creme fraiche, thanks jamie oliver for that little tip!

we had a little shindig with my bro with much champagne and wine drank in celebration of a little business success on my mums part (congratulations!)

for lunch today i had something quite yummy - spinach, bean burger, celery, mayo, cream cheese, gherkin wrap!

almond cookies with just ground almonds and no flour, no sugar either - they were incredibly moist, and pretty yummy :)

and that's all i photographed the last couple of days - we've had lots of porridge and apples too! tomorrow is a big family gathering 'house warming' type party, which will undoubtedly have lots of tasty, tasty food, i'm so looking forward to catching up with the family!

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  1. the stir fry and lasagna look delicious! You should post the recipes to go along with all of the yummy looking meals you show us ;)


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