Wednesday, 10 March 2010

almond milk ice cream and buckwheat porridge

occasionally, i make or eat something out of the ordinary, but most of the time we stick to the same sort of foods: some unusual low gi carb in the morning with a cup of green tea, something mostly vegetable-y for lunch like soup, crudites and hummus or salad, and then some sort of fish with veg for dinner. all followed by some sort of delicious fruit! so, anyway, i hope you enjoy checking out what i ate monday and tuesday this week:

homemade granola with banana and soy milk, and a cup of green tea

♥ my first green smoothie after having read 'green for life' - review to come shortly - made of spinach, banana and raspberry, surprisingly good!

baked sardines, organic peas and roasted root vegetables (parsnip, carrot, squash, potato, sweet potato, onion) with swedish senap/mustard. i LOVE roasted veg!

♥ a little snack: peanut butter with sliced gala apples, and some incredibly good reading

buckwheat porridge, which i adore - we have this at least twice a week now, because we both love it so.

♥ another attempt at making ice cream. this time i made some cinnamon almond milk, then added a little soya milk (i checked the alpro website, and this soya milk is not gm, plus we only ever get the organic one) and honey. and straight into the mixer - i think i need a creamier substance for the machine, perhaps next time i'll add some actual cream. BUT, it does taste really good!

so that's all for the last couple of days. stay tuned for more photographs and a review on the books i am currently reading! ps. the kind life and eating for beauty are on their way to me in the excited!

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