Tuesday, 23 February 2010

my new ice cream maker & chococo sorbet

after falling in love with a very expensive (but worth it) dairy and sugar free ice cream, i've been thinking about getting my own ice cream maker to recreate some of the delicious flavours and textures for a lot less money at home.

i researched and researched the different types of ice cream maker, and settled for a Magimix Le Glacier 1.1, at just under £40.

this is the type of ice cream maker that you need to put in the freezer for at least 12 hours before you want to make ice cream - no matter, because i have created a space in the freezer for it to live until i need it.

and so, my first impressions of the machine are really good. it's so easy to use, and doesn't take up much space at all. i made a chocolate coconut milk batch yesterday, which turned out beautifully (3heaped tsps cocoa, 1 pint coconut milk) and is stored in my freezer today - 1 pint of homemade ice cream seems way more than store bought! i did add a few chocolate drops, and the final consistency is more sorbet like than creamy, but i think it'd be the most amazing low carb treat in the summer, i can't wait!

i will name it chococo sorbet

ps. i made the black bean chocolate cake for a family celebration at the weekend, and everyone loved it! so if you haven't attempted it yet, do have a go, it's not too expensive, and i'm sure it can't fail. this batch seemed to rise much more, i might have whisked it a little more than last time....and the topping was so much better - real dark chocolate, butter and some coconut milk, so delicious!!

pps. i made the coconut milk cookies again, and took them to my grandparents, much appreciated! they lasted for a couple of days in the container too which is great!

ppps. both of my brothers are catching on to my healthy ways, my youngest one went into a health food shop (a big acheivement in itself) and bought some acai/green tea supplements and some Bio-CLA! and my oldest brother ate a salad whilst his wife ate fish and chips. i'm so proud of them both! - even though, granted, they're both doing it in order to be more muscley!

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