Wednesday, 6 January 2010

sild on rye and breakfast soup

i've been playing with a new camera, which means that my pictures will be of much better quality (though i still don't know all the amazing things it can do!) and hopefully all the food looks as delicious as it does in real life: which is really the important thing.

so, here am I, sharing a few things i've eaten in the last few days:

 - sil on rye with salsa: which is raw swedish fish and probably an acquired taste (though it's almost certainly completely different to what you think) on rye bread which is another acquired taste; but both 100% delicious!

- breakfast soup: i wish i were the actual genesis of this idea, but i can't be, even though i haven't seen it in cookbooks or on the net. basically i put frozen mixed fruits in my blender with a half cup soaked almonds some water, some agave nectar, some linseeds and sesame seeds and vanilla extract. i processed it until smooth, then served in soup bowls with sprinkles on top. it was miraculously filling and fabulously fresh and yummy!

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