Monday, 11 January 2010

river cottage everyday: a review

some of you might already have realised just quite how much i love river cottage, and wish i actually had enough money to replicate such a project and live a self-sufficient life, but for those of you that don't, you do now!

River Cottage Every Dayi went round to babysit at a friends house yesterday, and on the side they had a copy of hugh fearnley-whittingstall's 'river cottage everyday' cookbook. it is AMAZING! you know you're going to adore a book when it has a really good 3 page breakfast introduction about the importance of exciting breakfasts, and making time to actually eat it properly - as part of this years resolution, that i sort of started last year, we now make a time for breakfast and eat together, we also decide what we'll have the night before, so if buckwheat needs to be pre soaked or a whole wheat pancake batter needs to be made we have already done it, but also that we are starting our day in the most exciting way...french toast, pancakes, swiss muesli, granola, yum yum.

there's also a little chat about why you should eat unsulphured apricots instead of the orange sulphured ones. something that really needs to catch on, and i'm so glad that hugh is on that train. the unsulphured ones taste SO much better, honestly.

most of the book is supremely healthy, without being obviously so. i love how most of the recipes include wholewheat instead of plain white, and how he uses honey instead of loads of sugar, and advocates fruit as a fantastic sweetener. all the meals seem really balanced, and quite low-carb. he's not really a big cheese person, but he does love meat, and a good proportion of the book is given over to it. however, he has a whole section for vegetables too, and has loads of yummy and interesting ways to cook up veg that won't take too long.

his love of seasonal food is catching, and his everyday cooking ideas are practical as well as delicious. some of the recipes i'm adding to my 2010 recipes list are:
 - nut butter: he recommends spreading it on toast with bananas on top
 - tabula kisir: this is a sort of tabbouleh, a recipe i've wanted to learn for ages, as it's so tasty
 - broad bean hummus: interesting idea, and a slightly english-ified version of the original, he also makes his own flatbreads, which would definitely go well with it. i can't wait to try it!

there's also some really interesting packed lunch ideas, that are actually very different from the standard, as well as pretty healthy! so, i'll be trying these out soon for sure. here's my lunchbox mixes to try:
 - hard boiled eggs, cold boiled potatoes, tinned sardines, cooked green beans, olive oil
 - french beans, cold chicken, toasted blanched almonds, with garlic, honey, mustard dressing
so basically more interesting potato or chicken salads.

if you haven't read through it yet, i highly recommend it for a supremely interesting read, with loads of practical recipes too! i'll just have to hope for a copy of my own for my birthday ♥

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  1. The buckwheat caught my eye it is a great substitute for flour - but the taste is tricky to get right when making pancakes I use apple sauce and banannas to alter the aftertaste.

    Thank you for sharing.

    I am going to check out some of your archives.

    Tom Bailey


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