Friday, 1 January 2010

Partying with a Pump

Ok, well this is blatantly something that comes with maturity. i’m sure of it. or, a very strong will and sensible head. both of which i guess i’m slowly acheiving!

this last couple of weeks has really seen an interesting set of sugar levels, and i’ve been trying to fathom why they should be so. and here’s what i have concluded:

- partying and pumps generally don’t mix, but they can work if you plan them out properly and you check you sugar level frequently. and it’s even more important to check your levels and look after yourself before and after the occasion, or around the party season in general!

basically, i had amazing, near perfect levels from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day, but the week before and the week after were incredibly rubbish. partly due to it being a time of rest = no exercise = bad control. and also due to the different types of food and change of routine – both bad and not so easy to control.

anyway, i was totally psyching myself up and preparing for amazing levels on the three most festive days, and totally missed the before and after parts. next time i must learn to be aware the whole holiday season.

but, when it comes to specific parties there’s a few things to keep in mind to keep your control good:

- if there’s dancing, make sure you change your basal rates as the level tends to plummet in the middle of the night otherwise.
- make sure you ascertain the timings, like when it starts and when it finishes, and prepare yourself for an early exit so you don’t throw your routine off balance
- if there’s food don’t be afraid to ask what type, ask for a special meal or ask when you’ll be eating. this is very important!
- figure out how long it’ll last and what kind of activities there will be, so you can be prepared for all eventualities
- in case of a party you must attend that’s secretive or you can’t quite get all the details, take spares of everything with you, and loads of snacks and emergency supplies to keep in your car.

basically just don’t be afraid to ask anything, don’t be shy, and make sure that you LOOK AFTER YOURSELF to the best of your ability. some times you might feel annoying or a bit pestering asking all these questions, but it will help you enjoy the party more, i promise!!

as always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments sections and i’ll get right on with answering them!