Friday, 1 January 2010

happy new year!

hello to all of my wonderful readers! i hope you’re as excited about this new year as i am…2010 is blatantly going to be amazing right?

i love the amazing hope that lies on this day. it’s so wonderfully filled with possibilities, and things you could do. i definitely feel like this decade is going to require me to be a bit braver and step out of my comfort zone (difficult but possible) so that i can achieve all that’s out there for me to do.

so, i thought i’d share my new year’s resolutions/goals with you, so you can all hold me to them, and i feel accountable to someone. i make loads of business related goals too, though i won’t share these with you (it’s the wonder of being self-employed)

  • make more of my own clothes
  • pay off credit card
  • read 6 classic books
  • make at least 1 YouTube video every week
  • have flowers in the house at all times
  • learn to paint
  • get a puppy

well, i think these are all fairly do-able (i achieved all of my goals last year!!). i’ve already started on some of these things, like my own YouTube channel and i’m in the middle of Pride and Prejudice too, and yesterday i made not one, but TWO dresses out of old fabric and old clothes. i’ll show you them soon. mum bought a new camera  in the sales as well, so i can definitely keep up with creating more outfit posts, hopefully, and of a better quality.

anyway, i spent last night with some friends watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, which had Dizzee, Florence, Paloma and Tom Jones on it. fantastic. it’s really funny too.

like i say, i really hope that you all fell pretty happy and excited for this next year, and the next decade – the teenies! HAPPY NEW YEAR!