Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Candied Pecans

Yahoo, I've crossed another one off the 2010 recipes list! I've been meaning to make this one for ages, and how glad am I to have been able to eat it finally! These are so delicious, I challenge anyone to make a batch and not scoff at least half of them that day...

The recipe was brilliant, though I put my cooked nuts on baking paper instead of a plate, so i knew that it wouldn't stick at all. And I used mostly pecans, and only a few walnuts. I find it really difficult to locate a store that sells walnuts that aren't rancid...in fact i'm not sure i've ever had walnuts that aren't slightly off tasting. So, the pecans are definitely my favorite nut for this recipe. I love love love the maple/cinnamon combination, it just works so perfectly.

You can find the Candied Nuts recipe over at The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, my most favorite new healthy blog find.

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