Tuesday, 8 December 2009

scars from insulin pump infusion sets

thanks to Amanda for asking about infusion set scarring. i know this is a pretty frustrating issue for a lot of people who are on an insulin pump.

i do have a lot of little scars on my infusion set areas, and there are a few things that i do to avoid them getting really bad. the first thing is to make sure that i do regularly change my infusion set, as this will prevent any really bad scarring. my time change is every 2.5 days, that seems to work out pretty well for me, but it's different for everyone, depending on how your body copes with the absorption of the insulin in a particular area.

the other thing i do, is to rotate my sites, which will enable a particular area to heal itself a little better than it would otherwise.

as for the colour of the scars, my little white pinhole scars are practically the same colour as my skin, so i don't worry so much about them, but for anyone with skin darker than mine (which i would imagine is most people!) I can understand how this would be frustrating.

i would recommend using a body oil, as these are the most effective 'skin structure re-builders', and use something that's made for the intricate facial tissue, as it's more likely to have better and more effective nutrients in it. i would also recommend more expensive brands, as more refined oils are much less greasy, and more helpful. Two brands I would recommend are: Bio-Oil and Rosa Mosqueta Oil, which are both really magical re-structuring oils with great reviews.

make sure to apply it morning and night to the area, and give it a really good massage, as the heat from your hands will aid the oil to work properly, and the pummeling action will help to re-align the cells. massage for at least 2-3 minutes, working in different directions and motions.

if you still have questions to ask, please let me know what they are, i'd be happy to answer them for you!