Friday, 4 December 2009

i went to london, oh yes

so here's our journey in pictures...

we started on the train, of course, to London, which takes well over an hour, but we chatted all the way so it flew past. mum tried on my hat, and decided it was definitely time for a new one (but more of that later!)

then off to find Wholefoods - i went to the one in NYC and when i found out that there was one in London, i had to go! And its amazing, rows and rows of delicious things to eat, including Booja Booja ♥

and i got to try my first lot of raw chocolate, and wowee did it taste good. it was expensive though, but definitely worth it for the experience. it was really creamy and the perfect bitter/sweet combination.

the most exciting part of the shopping was Anthropologie, which I have been loving looking at online, and the new-ish store in London was phenomenal. they write your name on the cubicles and everything. i bought a dress and a jacket, in the sale! one of which is my christmas dress (photos to come soon)

the store is beautiful. with a living wall, and a skirt made out of blue and white china (above) the homewares are just amazing, and the clothes are so unique! mum bought her hat in the store, it's a navy blue version of my hat, only chunkier and much nicer.

we went to beyond retro too. a very cool vintage store, but given that i am rubbish at shopping in vintage stores i didn't last long. the quantity of clothes is overwhelming, i only wish i had more time and a hardcore vintage shopper by my side, guiding me through...

we went into Harrods too ♥ we saw the international designer lounge and i inspected up close an oscar de la renta outfit, which was simply stunning. it made me want to try to make a chanel style jacket (anyone know any good jacket sewing tutorials?). we went to the food hall and bought a cookie and an almond mince pie. i saw a row of these payphones right next to the restrooms, and i thought they were brilliant!

off to winter wonderland in hyde park, where there's tons of gorgeous rides and the scent of hotdogs in the well as an ice rink of course

then we went to see Wicked, which was amazing, i highly recommend it to everyone and anyone that wants to have fun and be inspired!

we got home really late, and the train was super busy all the way back.

all in all a wonderful day! we're going again twice in january, which will be the most i've ever been to London in such a short space of time. mum's buying me the tickets instead of my christmas stocking this year, how great is that?!

anyway, over and out, have a great day!