Tuesday, 17 November 2009

raw food...mayhaps?

i've been reading loads and loads about raw food lately. and watching a million raw food youtube videos! it's such an interesting concept, and I think I might have to buy a book that explains it in more depth, with like scientific studies and proof (anyone know of a good one?)

i imagine it would be amazingly good for my diabetes and sugar levels, etc. there are tons of inspiring stories about how a raw food diet can heal illness, so i'd be really interested to see if it could work.

but, there are 2 reasons that are stopping me...firstly, it is so expensive to buy fresh organic vegetables here in the uk. our weekly budget is about £40 for two of us, which has to include all household goods too, it's a bit tight, and so some cooked foods are definitely a good option.

the second reason is that England is such a cold and miserable country that i can't not eat hot foods. i drink a lot of herbal teas and green teas, which would perhaps suit me quite a bit, but i can't imagine what it would be like to be 100% raw in England. difficult, for sure.

i could start by being like 50% raw, ish. but at the moment, i'm just trying to incorporate more fresh veg and fruit where i can, even if it's not organic. when i get more money and a bigger budget, i'd love to try out some raw food recipes, as they do look pretty yummy, and experiment with some of the different ingredients.

are any of you on a raw food diet? i'd love to hear about your experiences if you are...

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  1. I live in Canberra, Australia and there is not much opportunity in the way of raw food either (eg. restaurants). New York has this amazing-sounding restaurant called One Lucky Duck that I wish we had here! But we don't. But yeah. Check it out and be jealous of all those American raw foodists with amazing restaurants at their fingertips.


    Good luck with your diet :) - Fifi


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