Friday, 13 November 2009

icecream even i can eat

i have found the most perfect ice-cream ever. and i swear its actually magical. today i ate some, bolused for it, and then a few hours later i went low...i know that isn't normally a good thing, but given the small amount i had bolused i was sure i would have a higher sugar level (these things are all guesses in the beginning aren't they, and even i am wrong sometimes, but happily so!)

so, i blogged about it on my healthy eating blog, check out the post entitled i'm seriously in love :) it's called Booja Booja ice-cream and is made here in the UK (in Norfolk actually) and sold in health food stores and on i ate the Maple Pecan flavour, which was thoroughly delicious and creamy (without the cream)

what makes this so good is that, unlike regular ice-cream with a super high GI, this ice-cream actually has a really really low GI, so the sugars can be dealt with easier by the body, and there is no sugar high and low from it. can you hear the hallelujah chorus?

it's just so scrumptious. seriously good. seriously.