Monday, 30 November 2009

a ridiculously gorgeous photo shoot by robynne

one of my favorite bloggers of all time, Fashion on Edge, recently posted an Autumn / Fall photoshoot she took, and i just had to show you guys. it's absolutely amazing, and I wish this was how I looked all the time...

she's done some other amazing shoots too, time goes by was extremely fabulous, english heart made me want to wear hats every day and the chameleon post was just amazing too. robynne nows how to style a look together, and how to work vintage...i am in awe.

ballyhoo, bally who?

i've been researching vintage dresses for an article i've been writing, and i stumbled across Ballyhoo Vintage whilst searching for vintage 60s dresses. ok, so it may not be the most beautiful website, but the clothes are absolutely stunning! here's a sneak peek at some of the things i'm longing for...

and if that wasn't enough, they've got some very cute vintage aprons, pretty 50s swimsuits and amazing gloves...oh my word! plus some of the items on there have NEVER been worn, ever.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

a handmade christmas

it's official, i'm making a whole bunch of gifts this year, each with a really unique twist, hopefully. i've done some homemade gifts in the past, but i'm really stepping up a notch this year...

i can't tell you exactly what they are, just in case my family and friends are reading this, because then the gifts won't be a surprise, and we don't want that now do we? but, i can tell you the general areas of things i'm making, and no-one will know who they're for...

  • jams and jellies - delicious first and foremost, but also excellent because they don't have to eat it right away
  • homemade muesli and granola - as part of a breakfast special!
  • pancake mix - a bit of buckwheat flour, a bit of gluten free, some cinnamon and a special sprinkles section, delicious
  • chocolate truffles - i went on a course a while back, on how to make perfect truffles, with a delicious ganache centre. so, i'll definitely be making some of these in the week before christmas
  • cushion covers - i went to Ikea to buy some thick fabric for making cushions, and the prints in there are so much fun, i'm sure everyone will love the cushions. i'm adding some personalisation to it as well, with some peoples initials handstitched on in felt, and some with an individual design
  • aprons - these are really easy to make and accessorise, i've made one for myself in the past, and i love it loads. i especially love that the ties are really long so you can wrap it round and tie a bow at the front!
  • christmas cards - i haven't actually decided on a design yet, although i'm sure i will soon... perhaps i will make them tomorrow!

i've got a couple of other ideas too, but these are the definite ones so far. have you got any good ideas? i've been searching craft blogs for ideas, and actually i find most of my inspiration comes from blogs that don't actually relate to crafts necessarily, like A Field Journal, Design Sponge and Oh Hello Friend.

this last Thursday, I went to the switching on of the Christmas lights in my home town, do you remember? Anyways, it was amazing, super festive with carols and fireworks, and the lights in the town centre are gorgeous. and even though some people were complaining that it felt too early to start getting all christmassy, i disagree, i think it was the perfect way to begin the festive season. (we went for a milkshake afterwards too, i had a raspberry one, yum.)

and to continue with this festive spirit, tomorrow we will be going to the advent procession at our local cathedral, something we have never done, but everyone has said that its the most magical thing ever. and then the weekend afterwards, i'll be making mince pies and christmas decorations, which we'll put up with the tree on sunday! oh, how i love Christmas!!

ps. if you would like me to do tutorials on any of these projects just let me know?

Friday, 27 November 2009

it doesn't matter, it's b + w

i realise it's been a while since my last outfit post, so here's one of my latest black and white to honour the colour of the clouds :)

the hat says 'la vie est belle', which is 'life is beautiful' in french, cute eh? oh, and that's the skirt i made a few weeks back, which from today i've decided never to wear with high heels and tights, it's a little bit too figure hugging to not make me feel a bit too vampy...
i bet you all have some amazing hats..? i think perhaps one day i'll start a vintage hat collection, wouldn't that be amazing!
i've been trawling through, and scanning in old photos of me and my family from when i was little, perhaps i'll show some to you in my next post?

Thursday, 26 November 2009

i'm learning to knit...again

me and my mum went to chichester festival theatre the other day to go see an adaptation of pride and prejudice. and before we went in to the theatre we went to do a little bit of shopping... and it was the craft shop that really took our eye; upstairs they had everything you could ever want to craft with, oh my word!

i've been thinking about knitting again for a while, but just haven't got round to actually buying any wool. so, when i saw a huge load of very cheap wool by Robin, i couldn't resist, especially when i saw this beautiful color...

i learnt to knit once before when i was much younger, i had to be an old french woman for a play so there was a bunch of us on the side knitting. i could even do it without looking at it. that's how good i was. i'm picking it up again now, and it really isn't complicated at all, and it didn't take too long to remember which way to loop it and stuff.

perhaps before long i'll learn how to purl..!

this is how far i've actually got...i'll keep you updated on my progress. somedays i do just one row, others i'll manage about ten. maybe i'll be finished before christmas. but i think i'll run out of wool quite quickly as it's a pretty wide scarf!

thanks to Sadie's Wardrobe for the awesome inspiration to actually pick up the needles again!

less negative, more positive

i want to take this moment to apologise for the rant in my last post. i was feeling so sorry for myself, and that's very unlike me. i want to say that i'm feeling much more positive, and happy :) and i have a lot to be thankful for!

i've decided that thanksgiving is awesome, and we should have something like that in the UK. it seems that thinking about all the things we have to be thankful for is just what is required at this time of year, in the run up to Christmas which can get stressful and a bit too much. so, i've taken the liberty of cooking up a delicious sweet potato pie, and trying out other thanksgivingy foods to celebrate the occasion on this side of the pond.

i've also posted a nice long list of things i'm thankful for on my other blog, Alissa Loves, which includes a massive thank you to all my readers and subscribers! I wouldn't keep posting if you weren't reading and watching, and I love all your amazing comments and encouragement :)

i would love your ideas on what videos you would like to see on my Youtube beauty channel, I'm a bit stumped for things to film, and it really would be awesome to know what you would like to see. i sometimes come up with ideas, but i don't think they'd be interesting or i reckon they're too bizarre... so p.l.e.a.s.e. tell me what you would like?!

giving thanks for all the deliciousness

happy thanksgiving!

even though i'm not american, and i do in fact live in England...I will be making a pumpkin pie today in honor of my american friends and in keeping with the spirit of thankfulness.

i've made a few delicious treats over the last week or so since i posted, including about 60 cakes (cinnamon buns, raspberry cupcakes, maple and banana cupcakes and chocolate ones too) for various events, my first ever sweet potato pie which was enjoyed by everyone and an attempt at hasselback potatoes that was exceedingly scrumptious.

i did make one disaster. cornbread. it went tragically wrong, with a gooey center and terrible after taste. we concluded that the cornmeal had gone off, and that it was partly to blame. but also i reckon the recipe was pretty bad. have you guys got any good ones?

♥ the sweet potato pie...

♥ and the disaster... :(

all over the place

hey everyone!

i've had a few questioned asked me lately, so before I begin chatting to you, i thought i'd just welcome you all to ask questions! please if there's ANYTHING you want to know about diabetes or living with diabetes, please ask me. i am more than happy to answer go ahead and leave a comment on this post, and i'll get to answering them in my next post :)

apart from inviting questions, i thought i would give you an update on where i'm at. i've had some pretty wobbly levels over the past few weeks, which have settled down more, and i seem to be having more lows, especially at night. i've adjusted my basal rates a few times, but it doesn't seem to be perfect yet. i'll do some more fasting days in order to map out my sugar levels over the day.

i'm joining a gym today, in an effort to lose the weight that i have put on since coming back from my RTW trip, and to lose the weight i'll inevitably put on at christmas time! lots of swimming in the next few weeks for me...

giving thanks and my obsession with toast

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of my blog readers! it means such a great deal to me :) at this most appropriate time of year (even though we don't have thanksgiving in the uk) i hope you are all feeling super thankful for awesome things that have happened in your life this past year...

my thanks list is fairly endless, but here are a few of the things i am thankful for:
  • my awesome family. who keep me strong and level headed
  • my fantastic friends. who make it ok for me to be me
  • my health. which although its been dodgy, is ok now and is always improving
  • my life. there are so many people i know who have lost relatives and friends this past year, and i am so thankful that i am still alive and my closest people are too
  • the weather. this may seem a bit odd, but i love the english weather in all its beautiful changes! today we've got a beautifully sunny day after many weeks of rain, and i can really appreciate how magical such a clear day is
  • good food. oh this year has been filled with amazing and delicious food experiences, i am thankful that i have been able to enjoy new food and enough food to keep me well and happy
  • animals, especially cute little cocker spaniels, actually this year i finally realised i quite liked cats...which was a definite step in the right direction i think
  • money. this year i've whined a lot about money, but when i think about how much i've had access to, in order to do all the amazing things i've done, i am massively grateful!
  • opportunities. i live in a country where i am able to choose to do what i like as a job, i am not restricted to doing one thing, and actually have difficulty choosing what career paths to take
  • fantastic music. this year i've started appreciating classic fm, loved Snow Patrol no matter how samey their songs are, and enjoyed playing with Shazzam on my iPhone

that's just a sample of the things i am thankful for. but there are so many!

and now, i want to share with you a company that definitely requires more attention than i think it gets. i first found out about this company when i was about 15 when a brochure fell out of my new copy of vogue, and then a few weeks later when i complimented my art teacher on her awesome outfit, to which she said it's toast.

Toast is absolutely stunning, it's got this simple, classic design with quality fabrics. it's snuggly and warm, and perfect for winter, and i just want to wear everything in every catalogue. oh and did i mention they have a home section too (divine!) they deliver to loads of different countries, so its definitely worth taking a look at their full range. but here's a delectable sample:

well i hope you all love toast! i'll hopefully be posting soon with some outfit pictures! today i'll be going for a swim at the gym and scanning in thousands of old photographs to use as christmas presents...and finishing by going to see the turning on of the christmas lights in my home town and drinking a milkshake. i hope your days are equally lovely!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

blah blah blah

Well, some of you are probably wondering what's happened to me, and where I've been these last couple of weeks. Have I literally dropped off the planet? No. Have I been abducted by aliens? No. It's quite simply just pure, stress induced time wasting.

I've been stressing out about future things, and I'm sure you all know what that's like. It's my November blues. And it's not fun. I need to start looking at all the awesome things I've done this year, rather than worrying about money and life this time next year.

Basically I applied for a job, that I probably haven't got. Well, the woman hasn't called me about it anyway, and I'm sure she would have done by now if she wanted to hire me. The stupid thing is that I am soooo qualified for the job, perhaps overly so? I won't go into details about it, as I'm sure that breaches blogger sharing conduct! But, needless to say, I don't really really need a job, I just wanted it, that's all.

Another thing that's annoying me is the weather. It's practically impossible to feel good about yourself when the clouds are grey and its super windy and wet. Urgh. I did meet up with a friend last weekend for a cupcake making session, which really was awesome, and I am so grateful for that! We baked pink and white butterfly cakes with edible glitter on. Yummy.

The odd thing is that my skin has been insanely amazing, until today when my first stress spot appeared :( i've been cleansing with jurlique, toning with that fancy rose water i bought in the US and moisturising with the cheap but cheerful natural UK brand 2nature. I still love the moisturiser with all of my heart. But nothing can stop stress spots, even a great routine. hmm. oh, and i've been using the bare minerals foundation and concealer...etc...every day that I go out.

I reckon a dog would cheer me up, and a visit to see my grandparents. Have you any November blues busting tips? I hope you do :)

Sorry this has been such a moany post, but I thought I'd let you in on why I haven't really been posting lately. Lots of hugs to all my wonderful readers xoxo

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

raw food...mayhaps?

i've been reading loads and loads about raw food lately. and watching a million raw food youtube videos! it's such an interesting concept, and I think I might have to buy a book that explains it in more depth, with like scientific studies and proof (anyone know of a good one?)

i imagine it would be amazingly good for my diabetes and sugar levels, etc. there are tons of inspiring stories about how a raw food diet can heal illness, so i'd be really interested to see if it could work.

but, there are 2 reasons that are stopping me...firstly, it is so expensive to buy fresh organic vegetables here in the uk. our weekly budget is about £40 for two of us, which has to include all household goods too, it's a bit tight, and so some cooked foods are definitely a good option.

the second reason is that England is such a cold and miserable country that i can't not eat hot foods. i drink a lot of herbal teas and green teas, which would perhaps suit me quite a bit, but i can't imagine what it would be like to be 100% raw in England. difficult, for sure.

i could start by being like 50% raw, ish. but at the moment, i'm just trying to incorporate more fresh veg and fruit where i can, even if it's not organic. when i get more money and a bigger budget, i'd love to try out some raw food recipes, as they do look pretty yummy, and experiment with some of the different ingredients.

are any of you on a raw food diet? i'd love to hear about your experiences if you are...

Friday, 13 November 2009

icecream even i can eat

i have found the most perfect ice-cream ever. and i swear its actually magical. today i ate some, bolused for it, and then a few hours later i went low...i know that isn't normally a good thing, but given the small amount i had bolused i was sure i would have a higher sugar level (these things are all guesses in the beginning aren't they, and even i am wrong sometimes, but happily so!)

so, i blogged about it on my healthy eating blog, check out the post entitled i'm seriously in love :) it's called Booja Booja ice-cream and is made here in the UK (in Norfolk actually) and sold in health food stores and on i ate the Maple Pecan flavour, which was thoroughly delicious and creamy (without the cream)

what makes this so good is that, unlike regular ice-cream with a super high GI, this ice-cream actually has a really really low GI, so the sugars can be dealt with easier by the body, and there is no sugar high and low from it. can you hear the hallelujah chorus?

it's just so scrumptious. seriously good. seriously.

shake up your style

hey lovely readers, i'm sorry it's been so long since i posted, but life has gotten in the way, and it's been stressful and hectic since coming back from holiday. the weather here has been truly horrible too; as i'm writing this it's really dark and windy and raining. i'm glad i'm inside, but it is quite depressing...

but, i got an email that i thought you all might be interested in, because i was super excited to be reminded of this awesome company! are having a party in London on the 18th, and if I wasn't busy I'd definitely be going :) they are such an amazing company, that basically let you design your dream dress and then they make it for you and ship it!!!!! amazing!

so, there are obviously some limits, because they only have a certain amount of colors and fabrics to choose from, but otherwise the world is your oyster. it'll probably come in at under £100 and they ship internationally too. it just gets more and more exciting! i can't think of a better way to buy bridesmaids dresses or a special occasion dress when the shops start to feel all same'y

i would love to show you guys pictures of what i've worn over the past few days, but what with the rain and clouds, the lighting has been terrible and my camera isn't really that clever :( i did make a dress though, and right now i'm sat wearing my vintage fur gilet to keep me warm. i'm also considering making christmas present cushions tonight, instead of messing around on my computer like normal. hmm.

over and out.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

i'm seriously in love

as some of you know...i've been on an ice-cream ban for ages; about 2 years! basically because at uni i ate so much ben & jerry's (or at least it felt that way) and i really wasn't feeling at the top of my game. so i quit. i have had some setbacks, involving phish food and cookie dough, but i haven't wolfed down a whole tub like i used too.

so, over the last couple of weeks, i've been reading a lot about raw foods, and one of the things that they talk about is of course raw ice-cream. and today when i went for a serious cereal bar stock up in my local health food store and i saw some ice-cream in the freezer, i had to try it!

Booja Booja has won a ton of awards for their stuff in a tub, and i can see why. it's amazingly soft and creamy, as well as having only 5 ingredients (water, agave, cashews, maple syrup, pecans..mmmm) guilt free ice-cream is a wonder that i will never ever deprive myself of again! i can't believe how sweet it is as well, like morishly yummy. it tastes way better than regular ice-cream, with no sugar headache, or nauseating after effects. i am in love. i really am.
they aren't sold in supermarkets, but you can get it from and health food stores. i only wish i could buy some for all my readers and send it to you so you could get half as addicted as i will be from today onwards :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

healthy and some not so healthy (oops)

I am officially now going on a detox. the week in cornwall with really 'heavy' food kinda hurt me. well a lot hurt me. my diabetes is a little out of control. so to bring it back to the realms of health and happiness i am going on my own little version of a detox...

which basically means, no carbs except porridge in the morning, and rice cakes at lunch, and no dairy. we'll see how it pans out. essentially this is what i usually eat, although i have become so lax lately it's not funny. i can partly blame this on my trial runs of christmas hamper gifts...most of which are super sugary, so that they last a long time. the conclusion of this anyway was to try to come up with gift ideas that weren't so bad for other people's health!!

so, my first idea for a food hamper gift, was when my grandparents gave me a massive bag of crabapples to make some crabapple jelly with. which i did of course.
for those of you that have never made crabapple start by washing the apples...

then you cut off the bruises, i also topped and tailed them but it's not necessary...

then boil them up until they turn mushy...

then you strain the juice through a mesh, i left mine overnight, and then you boil up the juice with lots of sugar. until its done. you know when it's done because you drop a little on a dish, wait a moment, and then see whether if you push wrinkles.

then put it in some jars. enjoy it on hot buttered toast. mmm. it does taste really good, but the quantity of sugar is insanely head hurting.

ps. don't you love the tea towel, it's an Emma Bridgewater and it says 'I had a really nice dream last night about Daniel Craig' :)

so, to continue the sweet theme, i thought coconut ice would be a nice gift. so i found a recipe on and made some. it's the easiest thing to make ever, and if there were a healthier option i would totally attempt it! (just found one at, but it won't last as long as i need it too, but i might try it anyway for future knowledge)

the most frustrating thing about coconut ice, is that is contains condensed milk, which is thoroughly addictive, so once you have one bit, you need another. fortunately, i can stop myself at the second, but by then i've already eaten about 30g of sugar. madness. anyway, how pretty does it look in its jar?

then because i felt so bad about making horrendously sugary things, i made some houmous/hummus, which was delightful, although the olive oil i used had far too much flavour for the recipe. it does taste amazing spread on organic rice cakes though.

this was a dish i made a long while back, but i found it on my camera the other day. it was so good. i really am struggling to remember all the ingredients though...spinach (obviously), mushrooms, onion, chicken?, carrots?, squash? but the most important ingredient in this was low fat creme fraiche, which gave it the most amazing texture and flavour, and all you need is one tbsp full!

anyway, that's me done, over and out!

ps. remember remember the 5th of november!

Monday, 2 November 2009

shopping in padstow & cornish beaches

i'm back! as you know, i've been in cornwall for the past week, and before that I was visiting my auntie/uncle/cousins near bath.

we went shopping in Bristol, and out to eat at Cosmo's (if you live locally, but have never tried it, do.), an all you can eat buffet. i didn't actually buy anything, but saw some gorgeous things in Zara, as always. i was on the lookout for the perfect pair of knee socks to wear with boots, but couldn't find any that I thought were a reasonable price...any suggestions?

we also went to Bath, to do a little shopping, but mainly to hit the spa there. so amazing, it's just the most relaxing thing EVER! then we came home a chilled, as none of us could move due to severe relaxation. we watched How to Marry a Millionaire. awesome movie, i especially love the scene with the mini fashion show!

then off to Cornwall...

we stayed in Bude, which is a pretty seaside town, with a few shops, and some nice beaches. did i tell you lately that i love this season's Fat Face collection?!

we went to Padstow on one of the days, and I thought i'd share with you my favorite stores:

Fusion - filled with unique brands, this is one of the only stores in Cornwall not filled with surfer gear.

The Summerhouse - i want my whole house to be filled with everything from this shop.

Buttermilk - fudgy snacks are very important, especially when you have so many flavours to choose from.

Custard - this delicious restaurant is the most awesome place to eat lunch.

Atlantic Blanket - so many styles in luxury wools...i can visualise myself wrapped in all the blankets in the store.

Rick Stein's Patisserie - custard tarts in here are so amazing!

Teri Walter - unique home decorating ideas

we went for a walk on the beach every day. summerleaze beach always has surfers in the water, even at the end of october! every single day, from sunrise to sunset you are almost guaranteed at least 3 surfers.

you aren't guaranteed good weather though, BUT it was mild whilst we were there, which was great! it only actually rained once the whole week - during the day that is.

the sunset at the beach is beautiful...

and even on an over cast day, cornwall is still magical, and all the english still leave their houses to walk their dogs on the beach.

snacks for diabetics: part 1

i've talked about my diet before...and for those of you that are new to the blog, you ought to check it out by following the link:

my diet is pretty much the same now as it was then. little has changed. except i am even more adventurous with my foods! i eat everything; there's nothing you could put in front of me that i wouldn't eat. and although my brother calls me a hippy for trying foods like agave nectar, gluten free flour and pumpkin brownies; i know that the benefits of a well rounded diet are not measurable.

one thing that i am always on the lookout for are good tasty snacks. often diabetic foods have replaced the sugar with sweeteners like sorbitol (and often have 'may produce a laxative effect' on the back of the packet...hmm) and so i steer clear of these, unless people buy them for me as a present; in which case i am obliged to eat them, all be it one at a time, because of the aforementioned effect on your system.

so, instead i look for snacks with natural sweeteners, and different carb speeds. for instance, a dark chocolate, nut, oat and fruit bar will have slow release carbohydrates with the oats (2hours), super slow release fats in the nuts (5 hours) and quick release fructose sugars with the dried fruit - buy unsweetened if you can.

these sort of snacks, will help re-adjust sugar levels more normally, quickly but not unhealthily so. or at least that's my experience. i used to carry around dextrose tablets, etc. and i still do when i go running or something. but the reality is that my life isn't so energetic that my sugar levels could plummet super fast, and need something with such quick acting glucose.

i always weigh up what kind of low it is:
- if it's a mis-bolus, then i'll eat something that's the right amount of carbs to correct it, also something that will act fast, because this can be a fairly quick hypo. so yogurt or chocolate coated raisins are perfect here, or a piece of toast with some jam.
- if it's due to walking more than i do usually in a day (shopping is the usual cause), then i'll choose something that's sort of half and half, usually a cereal bar, because they are great when you're on the go.
- if it's a case of a too high basal rate, then i'll eat some dark chocolate, yogurt or fruit. anything that will get my level slightly back up, but not too high to escalate out of control.

for instance, last night i actually woke up at 1am, a few hours after checking my sugar level and going to sleep (my level was 6.6 and i didn't think i'd had considerable exercise in the day to warrant it going low...but i always forget housework). i was low. hot and shaky low. so, i automatically reached and got a cereal bar, a super-sweetened one, and then some yogurt coated fruit. it was about 25-30g carbs and i woke up with a level of 8.0.

for those of you who wake up in the night with a low, it's a pretty weird experience isn't it? you realise you're awake, you question whether you ought to go to the bathroom, you start to stir a bit more and then realise you're really hot, and then as you go to move the covers from you to cool off, you also realise that you're shaking reach for the nearest snack you can find.

then you have to try and eat whilst still being half asleep, tempting gravity whilst chewing down a cereal bar. and then you lie there hoping you won't get more awake, and that you'll be able to get back to sleep shortly and stop feeling so dreadul. and hoping that you haven't eaten too much that you wake up with a high....

there's also a lot to be thankful for if you do wake up with a low, as it is more terrifying if you don't!

you are the champions

hi everyone!

i have finally decided on the winners of my competition...

Sunday, 1 November 2009

cornish delights

we went on a brief holiday/break to cornwall, and we had a delicious time. there are a couple of things i definitely need to mention:

  • pasties are the best. we went around the whole of Bude to find the perfect pasty, and we finally found it on our last day there. if you're also looking for the best pasty in Bude, then go to Tasty Pasties at the top of the hill on Princes St. It's hands down the best pasty i've ever had. Pengenna pasties was a tasteless disaster, and Lansdowne Bakery was a close second to Tasty Pasties, although perhaps a little too oily.
  • there's no clotted cream better than Rodda's. if you've ever eaten clotted cream in the uk, chances are it's Rodda's. and you'd have been truly blessed to have tasted such creamy deliciousness. we tried the Jersey Farm Shop clotted cream from Bude, and although it was delicious, it wasn't particularly spreadable. not healthy really, but a must when you are in cornwall.
  • toasted tea cakes are not over-rated. i can't believe i ever thought that. how bad of me! excellent with a cup of tea as the name suggests. not particularly healthy, but brilliant on a cold autumn day.
  • Rick Stein's patisserie in Padstow is unbelievably good. we split a chocolate eclair and a custard tart...both of which were the best I'd ever eaten.
  • the best place to have lunch in Padstow is Custard. i'd actually never eaten there before. but i was blown away by the simplicity, and elegance of the food that i had to eat. the best mackerel i've ever tasted and a delicious custard tart (yes that was 2 in one day...naughty)
now here's for some photos and some reviews:
rick stein's patisserie (covert pictures!)
everything that's sold here looks delightful and has a chef-y twist to it, the slices are huge, and it is so worth every penny! it all tastes fresh, not too sugary, not oily. just go in and try something, you won't be disappointed :)

custard - the restaurant/cafe

next time you're in Padstow make sure you try out this delightful restaurant.

follow the signs...
walk up these stairs...

and enter into a vast space filled with tan leather chairs, high beams, chandeliers, Cath Kidston prints and comfy cushions. read through your menu, freshly printed so that you are guaranteed that the food will be equally as fresh!

we chose the £10 3 course menu of the day, which included:

- welsh rarebit with watercress and tomatoes

- Cornish mackerel with mashed potatoes

- custard tart with baked plums (so tasty looking and delicious I tucked in straight away and forgot to take a photo until it was almost gone)

and then when you get home after such a satisfying meal, a little shopping in Padstow's boutiques and a walk to the beach, make sure to cook yourself some tomato, pesto and goats cheese flan with roasted vegetables :)