Thursday, 8 October 2009

this weeks deliciousness

so there's been a lot of sweetness this past week...and a lot of tasty food.

last friday i went to a friends house, to which i had promised to bring brownies, so i made some pumpkin brownies, which went down a treat. they are the most moist and rich brownies you'll ever eat i swear. i used the recipe from the 'cook yourself thin' girls, i have the book (which is really good by the way) but you can find the recipe online too, click here for harry's spiced winter chocolate brownies.

i also made some delicious carrot cake cupcakes for a group meeting we had on tuesday, and these turned out to be so delicious i sneaked in 4 before the meeting began. i always feel like carrot cake is healthier...and though i did edit the recipe a little (find it on joy of baking) they still aren't the most virtuous desserts you could ever have! i did top them with cream cheese but by that stage they were being raced out of the door to the meeting so i didn't get a picture.

BY FAR THE BEST CARROT CAKE RECIPE EVER! add a little orange juice and change the types of flour for the best my opinion :)

i also made the most delicious sausage stew, to which i added a dollop of creme fraiche which made all the difference to the smoothness and flavour.

and the one disaster that i had this week was the stew i made yesterday, i added turkey mince which turned out to be a huge mistake. i have never used turkey mince successfully, and so if anyone has any good turkey mince recipes, do let me know! the only reason we had it in the freezer was because it was on offer at the supermarket, and i am now under strict instructions to never buy it again, even if it is substantially cheaper than all other meat.

anyway, i went to the hospital yesterday for a routine checkup and came out with a great plan to eat even more healthily than i already do. so for lunch today, we are having asparagus with scrambled eggs, followed by a raspberry mango smoothie. then for dinner we are having a vegetable stir fry. then tomo morning i will have summer porridge (i will have to share pictures of it soon!), followed by the leftover stew from yesterday and then moussaka for dinner...maybe? my food plans always change depending on my mood.

ps. we went shopping at Lidl's this morning, and bought loads of fruit and veg for only £17. bargain! i love that shop so much. so so much.

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