Tuesday, 20 October 2009

handmade skirt...love love love

i told you that this was acoming. i have been meaning to make something with my sewing machine for ages now, and i had this skirt idea for a couple of weeks since i bought a similar skirt in urban outfitters.

i went to Fabricland to get some similar fabric, and i found some that was almost identical. the trick with this skirt is to use fabric with loads of stretch to it, then it pretty much can't go wrong (although stretchy fabric does present some interesting stitching problems, hmm)

literally, get your fabric, make two pieces, one for the front, and one for the back. cut a slightly curved line around the edge. sew them together, back to front, so the stitch disappears when you turn it inside out. check that it goes in and out in all the right places. you could make this as a high-waisted skirt really easily, just change the curve to fit your waist rather than your hips

get some thick elastic for the waistband and cut it to the right length, with a little left over to fold and sew under. then sew it onto the skirt, and stitch together the band join with a zigzag stitch.

then sew up the hemline to wherever you want it. It's such an easy skirt to make...i'm blatantly making more and more. and more!

i hope you have a go, it took me a couple of hours :)

ps. in my hand i'm holding some truffles i made in a workshop...check out my food blog for more info at Not Just Apples.