Friday, 16 October 2009

ebay purchases

I have been talking to a few people in the last week about eBay; and opinions have varied.

The more savvy, stylish people are happy to have seen some good purchases, the people who are trendy highstreet shoppers are genuinely surprised and jealous of such awesome finds, and then the people who dislike shopping are horrified I would ever buy any clothes on eBay. "They sell clothes on ebay?" to which I reply, "Yes, of course, about 60,000 dresses at any one time." And that's in only my size...

anyway, i wanted to share my purchasing joy with you. so here they are:

All in all, I am a happy bunny.

People have often wondered how I manage to get nice things from ebay. And the answer to that is: I buy things I know will suit me. I buy items from stores I know will fit me. I buy things that will timelessly fit into my wardrobe. And last but not least, I spend HOURS AND HOURS on ebay trawling through the rubbish items.

i look for specific items too. like i'll type in dress, but then sort it by size, stores, country, fabric, etc. but some of the best purchases have been things that were labeled badly, like just "dress 10" or simply "shoes".

i've worn the tea dress almost every day since I got it on Tuesday :) i'm wearing it right now actually. and the thing's a Primark dress, but it feels gorgeous and fits perfectly. the i am going to head out with my 1950s style tea dress, my leather topshop black boots, a cream cardigan and my new faux fur gilet (i thought the best way to nod to the trend was with a simple bodywarmer)

and all that for £83.88!!!!!

just make sure to cut yourself off whilst the going is good.