Thursday, 8 October 2009

ebay is evil, ebay is awesome

oh my word, i've gone totally ebay crazy. its not good. its really not good. it's definitely not good for my bank account. it all started when i got my iphone a few weeks ago and realised that it had an ebay application. i started playing with it, and the rest is history. they make it so easy for you to buy stuff!

i've actually bought in the last week...
- one belt - a great purchase, as long as it fits
- 3 dresses - one red, one khaki, one floral (2 topshop, 1 zara)
- one smart top - it's from topshop, it arrived in the post yesterday, and it fits!
- one coat - it had some dodgy shoulder pads, but once i got them out, i think i'll be wearing this coat all through the winter! it's vintage and navy blue. perfection.
- 2 pairs of boots - one pair didn't fit, so i'm reselling them back on ebay, and the other's i wore today...they're grey topshop ankle boots, and i love them, even if they hurt my feet today :)

and i'm bidding for another 6 items, and watching 18 others. i've lost out a few times, but that's all part of the "fun"

i actually am addicted. i know its not good at all. but i CANNOT stop. i actually can't. i need to delete the app from my's the only way.

ps. i'll show you what i bought as soon as it all arrives in the post, and this madness stops.