Wednesday, 14 October 2009

british vogue love

wowee, this month's vogue came in the post the other day, and how perfect that it should be an issue about affordable clothing :) november 2009 british vogue is gorgeous, with loads of helpful articles, and almost everything in the issue is within financial grasp (i say almost, because vogue's idea of affordable means that its not 4 or 5 figures, but it is still 3)

anyway, i thought i'd give you guys a sneak peek, and tell you to go out and get it!!!!!!!!!!!

the photos are backwards from the order in the magazine, but for some reason, the picture downloads won't work properly (grrr)

there's a photoshoot made out of household items...this is a tea-towel corset made by William Tempest. the detail blows my mind.

there's a whole section devoted to street style, which is amazing, as i think that's what blogs are really all about, aren't they?

there's a directory of places to go to get the Dash Cash look...the best charity shops and vintage places, night classes and haberdashery. AMAZING!

The final photoshoot is the gorgeous Caroline Trentini posing in the ultimate classic fashion staples, that have been updated for the season. and of course everything in the shoot is accessible and affordable, yippee!

as if you don't already want to go out and buy it, the first article is about taking old vogue patterns and making them into something up-to-date and wearable. oh my word.

oh and ms jagger has been interviewed for the issue too, what an inspiration.

the past few copies of vogue have been a disappointment, but this has totally renewed my faith. i actually have read every single word and article, and just love love love it.

ps. keep your eye out for my latest ebay finds, and a skirt that i made myself!