Thursday, 8 October 2009

another doctor's appointment

i had another doctor's appointment on wednesday. i went to see my specialist which is about 1 hours drive away from my home. it's always worth it, as they are such a great means of support. i am supposed to go every 4months, but the clinic only runs once a month for one if i can't make an appointment the next one is usually several months ahead.

anyway, i'm not complaining because it is totally worth it. thank you NHS! i never understand people that actually moan about the is after all FREE, and better than a lot of other countries. if you want better service, then you should pay for it like other countries do, or learn to treat yourself at home. hmm, bitter much?

my specialist team are amazing. so good. really helpful and they know everything, which is a change, because most regular GPs don't seem to understand diabetes, not type 1 anyway. i always seem to tell them things. i love explaining the inner workings of diabetes with people, so if you have any questions do ask them, and i will give you an answer!

the appointment was pretty quick actually, and the only difference to usual was being asked if i was thinking of getting pregnant soon. that made me smile. i was given a leaflet about it, and told that i must let them know the second i am thinking of becoming pregnant. it's important to have very stable levels during the first 3 months, and to have a specialist there who will know what to do when something feels weird.

but, i am not thinking of getting pregnant for some time yet, there's something else that's got to come before that...

so, i had my hba1c done whilst i was there, and they asked if i was doing ok and if i had any questions. they are just so nice, which makes a change from my pediatrist several years ago who told me that i was going to die (i might be being dramatic, but he did make me cry and it was completely unnecessary as i was doing the best i could with the advice i was given). shortly after this event, i was down at the specialist who told me that i was doing really well, go figure.

for those of you who have the unfortunate position of having a bad doctor, i sympathise.

but, maybe it's time to start thinking of switching to a more positive one, who encourages you to do better and try harder. exercise more and eat right. keep an eye on those levels. call them if you need anything. literally. that's the sort of care you have the right to have.