Thursday, 17 September 2009

new york city, new york

as soon as we touched down in jfk i could feel my heart racing that little bit faster! then when i saw the lights of manhattan i swear my heart jumped out of my chest. i took a picture to commemorate the event, but this is what it came out like:

it's a cool picture nonetheless though right?

we arrived at our hotel (we stayed at Hotel Beacon, which was awesome and well priced) and couldn't believe the view out of our window. you can see central park in front, and downtown to the right.

we had really good weather for being touristy, not too hot and not too cold, and it only rained on our last day. how good was it that we were there for fashion week too? amazing right...?

we were only in new york for 2 days, so we thought it was better to get an overview of the city, so that when we came back we'd know where everything is, and really be able to get into the proper new york mode, and feel like a local. so we got tourist bus tickets and did the downtown loop the first day, and uptown the next. it was great to see all the districts, go to statue of liberty and up the empire state building.

we went out to starbucks every day, here i am drinking a chocolate and banana smoothie with a shot of green tea matcha.

and i got super excited when i saw movie trailers everywhere. our bus driver yelled at the crew top ask what they were filming at the plaza, and they yelled back 'sex and the city'. woohoo! we saw so many white lorries everywhere, its no wonder that new yorkers get used to celebrities.

we went in a little bit of the park. buti still need to sail a boat, lie on strawberry fields and skate in an ice rink. i just have to.

if you get the chance to go to new york, go to Gray's Papaya. some seriously good hotdogs are sold here. they're grilled here, rather than the boiled ones you get on the street, and a gray's will only cost you $1.50 each.

this is the entrance for fashion week in bryant park. paparazzi everywhere, plus glamour were giving away free cupcakes when we were there, so i ate a chocolate one. there's such a buzz.

so in conclusion, i think that new york is awesome. my favorite city in the world so far. for sure. it's just so good. it's not as busy and crowded as you might think. it doesn't smell bad. and yes it's noisy, but it's really quiet in central park. there are amazing views everywhere, healthy food, amazing shops EVERYWHERE and some genuinely nice people with cool accents (there seem to be too, one i really don't like that's really snooty and the other i love - the one that sounds like Joey from Friends)

i super can't wait to go back and actually SEE new york. i will have to go for at least a week, so I can feel like i've done stuff. i want to go to magnolia bakery, see a show on broadway, shop til i can't physically carry anything else, catch a yellow taxi (it's a crime i didn't do that this time I know), see the Met, Moma and Mets, read books in the Library, buy books in Barnes and Noble, then try on shoes in Bergdorf Goodman, and have my hair cut and colored somewhere super expensive, stay in the Waldorf Astoria and go to Dean & Deluca.

i miss you new york. can't wait to see you soon. xoxo